Who we are

Qualities of the positions:

  • Two-year terms
  • Six appointed by Mayor
  • Five appointed by City Council
  • One Get Engaged member
  • Appointments confirmed by City Council
Member Term Expires Position
Xander Barbar 8/2/23 Member
Ashwin Bhumbla 8/2/24 Member
Josh Hirschland 8/2/24
Art Kuniyuki 8/2/24 Co-Vice Chair
McKenna Lux 8/2/23
Christiano Martinez 8/2/24 Member
Chris Miller 8/2/24 Member; Levy Oversight Committee Representative
Sandro Pani 8/2/24 Co-Vice Chair
Erin Tighe 8/2/23 Member
Michelle Zeidman 8/2/23 Co-Chair

Boardmember Bios

Xander Barbar

Bio to be updated. 

Ashwin Bhumbla

Ashwin is a recent college graduate, receiving a bachelors in both English and Computer Science, and is passionate about transit systems and creating safe, sustainable urban areas. He believes that creating a city that is walkable and bikeable with frequent reliable bus and rail service is not only desirable, but necessary. He is committed to improving transit access and experience. In his spare time, Ashwin can be found backpacking or playing Spikeball in Cal Anderson Park.

Josh Hirschland 

Bio to be updated. 

Art Kuniyuki

From riding Seattle Transit buses as a child, to joining a Metro Transit Community Advisory Group for the Long-Range Plan that resulted in METRO CONNECTS, watching over ORCA Business Passport Cards and transit issues for his employer, and now living in West Seattle, and seeing the transportation issues that will result with the bridge closing, Art enjoys all aspects of transit planning, and hopes to help his city and neighborhood as a member of the Seattle Transit Advisory Board.

Christiano Martinez

Bio to be updated. 

Chris Miller

Chris Miller is a former transit driver and an active advocate for improvements in public transportation policy. Chris is currently pursuing his Master's of Urban Planning at the University of Washington, specializing in transportation. His prior experience includes serving as the Communications Coordinator for then California Secretary of State Alex Padilla in Sacramento, CA. He graduated from the University of California, Davis, where he received a degree in Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning. During his undergraduate tenure, Chris worked as a transit driver, trainer, and route supervisor for Unitrans, a student driven and operated public transportation agency serving UC Davis and the city of Davis. When not talking about transit, Chris enjoys skiing, kayaking, and reading X-Men comics.

Sandro Pani

Sandro has dedicated his career to transit design. He was born and raised in Mexico, lived on both east and west coasts, and recently settled in Seattle. He received his MSc in Railway Systems Engineering and Integration from the University of Birmingham, UK. As a civil engineer he has delivered design, planning, and program management for over a dozen separate public agencies across the country. Sandro is passionate about rail and improving public access to multi-modal transit systems.

Erin Tighe

Erin is a recent college graduate, interested in politics and government. She has become active in transportation and transit issues, both within her neighborhood and as part of Metro’s Link Connections Sounding Board.

Michelle Zeidman

Michelle is a transit commuter who is passionate about making it easier for all people to get around the Puget Sound without a car. Michelle has spent more than a decade studying and working on public transportation and urban planning policy. This work has involved increasing access to light rail, expanding bus transit service, analyzing public ferry service, and advocating for public transportation funding for transit-dependent populations. She has a Master of Public Administration and a Master of Urban Planning from the University of Washington. In her spare time, Michelle is an artist and avid traveler.

Former Board Members

Member Term Position
Keiko Budech 2019-2022 Secretary, Vice-Chair, Chair
Andrew Martin 2017-2022 Chair
Emily Walkton Percival 2021-2022 Secretary
Barbara Wright 2019-2022 Member
Amin Amos 2021-2022 Member
Jennifer Malley-Crawford 2017-2021 Move Seattle Levy Oversight Committee Liaison
Andrew Parker 2020-2021 Member (Get Engaged)
Alexandra Wakeman Rouse 2018-2021 Member
Carla Saulter 2017-2021 Member
Bryan Stromer 2018-2020 Member (Get Engaged)
Bryce Kolton 2018-2020 Member
Lynn Hubbard 2018-2020 Member
Enjoleah Daye 2018-2020 Pedestrian Advisory Board Liaison
Ifrah Abshir 2017 Member
Ezra Basom 2015-2017 Member
Marci Carpenter 2015-2019 Chair
Carla Chávez 2015-2018 Vice-Chair
Kevin Duffy-Greaves 2015-2017 Member
Celeste Gilman 2015-2017 Member
Jonathan Howard 2015-2017 Secretary
Zach Shaner 2015-2017 Bicycle Advisory Board Liaison
Quinn Majeski 2016 Member (Get Engaged)
Ronald Posthuma 2015-2018 Move Seattle Levy Oversight Committee Liaison
Lucas Simons 2017-2019 Member (Get Engaged)
Odessa Stevens 2015-2016 Secretary (Get Engaged)
Michelle Tang 2017-2018 Secretary (Get Engaged)
Annie Tran 2017 Member (Get Engaged)
Harriet Wasserman 2015-2016 Pedestrian Advisory Board Liaison
Katie Wilson 2015-2018 Vice-Chair