Announcement: Temporary Meeting Schedule

The Special Events Committee has adopted a temporary meeting schedule for the remainder of 2020. See dates below. All meetings will be held via video conference, and a listening line will be provided for the public.  Check individual agendas for call-in information. Watch this page for an updated schedule of meetings in 2021.

Temporary 2020 Meeting Schedule:

  • August 27
  • September 24
  • October 22
  • November 12
  • December 10

The Special Events Committee is comprised of various local agencies such as Police, Fire, Health, Metro, Parks, Liquor Enforcement and more. You'll be asked to give a brief logistical/operational overview of your event. The Committee will ask questions and advise you what is required to obtain your permit; Examples: number of barricades, security requirements, health requirements for food handling, traffic control plans, etc.

You will be notified as to whether or not you need to appear before the Special Events Committee for an event review. You will be notified of the exact time for which you have been scheduled at least 3 days in advance.

You should bring any information that was not attached to your application (i.e., revisions since applying, public notification, new maps or layout, etc.). Please bring 20 copies of each document. The Special Event Committee will already have a copy of your application.

This process is intended to encourage Special Events in Seattle and to empower event organizers to produce safe, well-organized, compliant community events.

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas for upcoming meetings will be added as available. 

Meeting Agenda - September 24, 2020

Meeting Agenda - August 27, 2020

Meeting Agenda - August 6, 2020

Meeting Agenda - July 23, 2020

Meeting Agenda - July 9, 2020

Meeting Agenda - June 25, 2020

Meeting Agenda - June 11, 2020

Meeting Agenda - May 13, 2020

Meeting Agenda - April 8, 2020

Cancelled - March 11, 2020

Meeting Agenda - February 12, 2020

Meeting Agenda - January 8, 2020

To access past meeting agendas and meeting minutes, see the Archives page.

Meeting Location Information & Driving Directions

Seattle Municipal Tower Information and Directions

Public Comment at Special Event Committee Meetings

Monthly Special Event Committee review meetings are open to the public. The Special Events Committee welcomes public engagement in several ways: over the phone, in writing, and in person at the monthly Special Event Committee meetings.   

Public comment at Special Event Committee review meetings are limited to items listed on the meeting's agenda. Each speaker may be provided up to two minutes to speak.  A public comment sign-up sheet will be available at the meeting location. The Committee Chair will open public comment by announcing the allotted time provided for the comment period for individual speakers.  

As a courtesy to others, please silence your phone and refrain from distracting or disruptive conduct. The City Rules of Conduct regarding City Buildings and Premises (Rule 05-02 and Rule 06-03) are available at the City Hall lobby security desk.