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Meeting agenda for September 14, 2022

Field Trip – Aurora Ave N

The Pedestrian Advisory Board goal is to walk along Aurora Ave N from N 125th St to N 130th St, noting difficult sidewalk and crossing conditions along the way, listening to concerns brought up by Aurora Reimagined Coalition. The SDOT Aurora Ave Project team, King County Metro, Washington Department of Transportation (WSDOT), and Council Members 5 & 6 (Debora Juarez and Dan Strauss) have been invited to join.

5:20 pm – Board members meet at City Hall (meeting point – 5th Ave entrance) – 10 min

5:30 pm – Transit/Drive over to Aurora Ave N Meeting Point – 30 min

6:00 pm – Meeting point & Discussion – NW Corner of N 125th St & Aurora [at
Krispy Kreme steps] – 20 min

6:20 pm – Walk/roll: Up the west side of Aurora Ave N, make a left at the
Amazon Fresh parking lot to walk through New Haven Senior Center's grounds
to Linden Ave. (0.3 miles)

  • N 128th Street - a currently unprotected crossing that could be upgraded to a potential pedestrian/bike route to the N 130th St Station.
  • N 130th St pedestrian bridge - non-accessible pedestrian bridge provides bird's-eye view of Aurora and traffic at that intersection.
  • New Haven Senior Center - nicely designed auto and pedestrian spline to Linden Ave
  • Linden Ave N - upgraded streetscape and protected bike lane

6:45 pm – Meeting point, Closing Discussion and Remarks – NE side of Linden
Ave N [Sign: Linden Place at Bitter Lake] – 30 min

7:15 pm – Meeting adjourn

* Please note that all times are approximate depending upon traffic and discussion. Transportation is provided only for board members. The public is welcome to meet up. During the field trip, you can reach the board liaison, Belén Herrera, at (206) 639-9516.

**Masks are encouraged

***next meeting is October 12, 2022