Latest Agenda


August 14, 2019

The Pedestrian Advisory Board's goal is to walk and visit project sites near John Rogers ES, Jane Addams MS,

and the intersection of NE 117th St & Pinehurst Way NE. At each location we'll hear from staff

about the problems that were/are being addressed as well as the built/proposed solutions.

5:30 pm - Board members meet at City Hall (meeting point - 5th Ave entrance) - 10 min

5:40 pm - Drive over to NE 117th St & Pinehurst Way NE - 30 min

6:10 pm - Sidewalk Project on NE 117th St (meeting point - NW corner of NE 117th St and Pinehurst Way NE) - 30 min

6:40 pm - Walk, bus, or drive to Jane Addams Middle School (1.2 miles)

7:00 pm - Jane Adams MS (meeting point - SE corner of NE 115th St and 31st Ave NE) - 30 min

7:30 pm - Walk, bus, or drive to John Rogers Elementary School (0.7 miles)

7:45 pm - John Rogers ES (meeting point NE 110th and 35th Ave NE) - 15 - 25 min

8:00 pm - Official meeting adjourn

* Please note that all times are approximate depending upon traffic and discussion.

Transportation is provided only for board members. The public is welcome to meet up.

During the field trip, you can reach the board liaison, Belén Herrera, at 206-639-9516.

**next meeting is September 11, 2019