What We Do

2022 Work Plan

Annual Work Plan Themes:

  • Connecting people, community, commissions.
  • Focus on those who have been marginalized systemically within a focus of disability and intersectionality.
  • Recruit to create as diverse commission as possible and have farther reach to folks with disabilities.
  • Recruitment and Onboarding Commissioners: Grow our advocacy, represent the intersectionality of disability and recruit commissioners that align with our values and our disability communities, and bring expertise in different areas.
  • Inclusion Development and Outreach: Support individuals through nomination and onboarding process to the commissions. Bridge gaps between disability community AND institutions and community organizations (of all types).

Guiding Principles upon which we commit to work

Organizing Principle: Disability Justice

We prioritize Action, therefore we choose Disability Justice for 2022 as the organizing and strategic vision. We will invest time exploring, understanding and adapting this framework in our work. We considered: Race & Equity Tools, Disability Justice, Disability Rights, Restorative Justice, Transformative Justice, Justice...practices

10 Disability Justice Principles

  1. Intersectionality
  2. Leaders are those most impacted
  3. Anti-capitalist politics
  4. Commitment to cross movement organizer
  5. Recognize wholeness
  6. Sustainability
  7. Commit to cross disability solidarity
  8. Interdependence
  9. Collective access
  10. Collective liberation

Planned 2022 Activities

  • Monthly meetings with themes based on celebrating Heritage Months and Disabilities.
  • Commemorate August 10: Prisoner Justice Day, host a panel with Human Rights Commission on disabilities and incarceration.
  • Commit to table and be present at the Disability and Pride events in June.
  • Coordinate Disability Awareness events being planned by City of Seattle ADA team.

This material, as well as reasonable accommodations for meetings and events, is available on request for people with disabilities. To request an accommodation, call (206) 684-4500 or complete the accommodations request form on seattle.gov/americans-with-disabilities-act.

Seattle Disability Commission

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Phone: (206) 684-4540
Fax: (206) 684-0332

Promoting access, inclusion, and equity for people with disabilities