What We Do

The Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board (SBAB) advises the Mayor, City Council, and City Departments and Divisions on projects, policies, and programs that improve and/or affect bicycling conditions in Seattle.


SBAB’s responsibilities include:

  • Stewarding the Bicycle Master Plan
    • Monitoring implementation activities by City Departments and Divisions
    • Serving as a resource for City Council on Bicycle Master Plan activities
    • Serving on transportation-related committees and planning groups
  • Making recommendations on City projects related to mobility, specifically bicycling
    • Conducting annual reviews of SDOT onstreet bicycle facility plans
    • Ad hoc reviews of bicycle projects, trail construction, and capital improvement projects
  • Publishing issue papers on bicycling-related topics
  • Conducting Site Tours
    • Bikeablility Tours – periodically SBAB members conduct tours of new bikeways, inspect cycling conditions across critical corridors, and evaluate City of Seattle implementation activities.
    • Facility Tours – SBAB members organize tours of facilities to examine best practices for bicycle commuting and parking in new and existing buildings

As one of several citizen-led boards in the city, SBAB relies on its membership’s diversity of experience, knowledge, and background to advise the City to make cycling safer and more accessible in Seattle.

Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board

The Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board advises the City Council, the Mayor, and all departments and offices of the City on matters related to bicycling and the impacts that actions of the City may have upon bicycling. SBAB also contributes to the City's planning processes, insofar as they relate to ...