Past Members

Dylan Ahearn
Jeff Aken
Teri Aldrich
Emily Allen
Sean Andrussi
John Beaulaurier
Craig M. Benjamin
Tom Bertulis
Ann Boyd
Jed Bradley
Evan Brown
Tracy Burrows
Allegra Calder
Dongho Chang
Jodi Collins
Jodi Connolly
Matthew Crane
Sean Cryan
Leah Curtiss
Ryan Dean
Brian Dougherty
Ben Estes
Stephanie Frans
Jeff Frkonja
James L. Fridley
Gabe Grijalva
Tonja Renee Hall
Max Hepp-Buchanan
Brian Ho-Yin Lee
Alexander Lew
Dave Janis
Lindsay Jennings
Kelsey Jones-Casey
Riley Kimball
Neal Komedal
Sunny Knot
Deborah Kuznitz
Clint Loper
Alfonso Lopez
Bobby Mullins
Garwood Nichol
Lara Normand
Bill Nye
Emily Paine
Lindsay Pesheck
Adam Pomata
Phyllis Porter
Harold Taw
Lisa Quinn
Merlin Rainwater
Kristi Rennebohm-Franz
Cecelia Roussel
Rodney D. Rutherford
John Ryan
Ester Sandoval
Izzy Sederbaum
Rebecca Slivka
Catherine Staunton
Jessica Szelag
Anna Telensky
Blake Trask
Barbara Van de Fen
Jean White
Naomi Wilson
Michael Wong


Note: This list is incomplete.

Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board

The Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board advises the City Council, the Mayor, and all departments and offices of the City on matters related to bicycling and the impacts that actions of the City may have upon bicycling. SBAB also contributes to the City's planning processes, insofar as they relate to ...