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Board Members

Yasir Alfarag

Term: 9/1/2019-8/31/2021 (midterm appointment), 9/1/2021-8/31/23, 9/1/23-8/31/25

Yasir Alfarag is a student in the University of Washington’s Master of Urban Planning program, where he is enrolled in the Runstad Department of Real Estate’s certificate program. He is particularly interested in real estate development projects that improve safety as well as access to housing, employment, and broader economic opportunity for communities. He sees himself playing a role in improving health through the built environment by working toward equitable community engagement and improving infrastructure and policies that make people’s lives easier.

Biking is a source of freedom, joy, and flexibility for Yasir. His bike has inspired him to explore new areas of the city and discover different neighborhoods. However, he has noticed that not all neighborhoods have well-established and safe bike networks. This realization has sparked his interest in how biking can transform Seattle. Yasir envisions a greener city with reduced traffic congestion and improved safety for all road users through biking. He aims to make Seattle a world-class biking destination where bicycles are recognized as valuable modes of transportation and supported at the city level. Additionally, he wants to assist Seattleites in choosing car-free lifestyles by promoting reliable alternative transit options. These efforts would collectively contribute to reducing gas emissions in our city. Yasir strongly believes that bikes can play a pivotal role in shaping our city and serve as an inspiring example to other cities across the country. He sees bikes as the tools of the future and advocates for their widespread adoption.

Ty Bottorff

Term: 9/1/2011-8/31/2023 (midterm appointment), 9/1/23-8/31/25

Ty has been an active commuter bicyclist since moving to Seattle in 2017. Ty is interested in helping people of all abilities across all of Seattle cycle more, and drive less, by breaking down barriers of entry: safety concerns and access. Ty began volunteering through Seattle Neighborhood Greenways before serving on SBAB. Ty is currently a graduate student at the University of Washington studying biochemistry.

Peter Bryan, Co-Chair

Term: 9/1/2022-8/31/2024

Pete has always loved cycling ever since he was a kid when he used his bike to help him get around his rural community. These days he has the same passion for cycling and now uses it to get to and from work, to pick up groceries, connect to transit, and to meet with other cyclists in the area through group rides. Pete moved to Seattle in 2019 from the UK, having previously lived in several bike friendly European cities. He understands how cycling infrastructure has the ability to transform a city and enable its residents to move around a safer, healthier and more vibrant community. He now lives in Licton Springs and is passionate about making cycling the safest, most convenient transportation option for everyone, regardless of their cycling experience, ability or where they need to move within Seattle. Outside of cycling Pete works as a cybersecurity researcher for Microsoft.

Amy Conroy

Term: 9/1/2022-8/31/2024 (midterm appointment)

Amy is a LEED certified interior designer with a passion for the city and its community. She fell in love with bicycling in 2012, while living in Baltimore, where she participated in many group rides, and started using her bicycle as primary mode of transportation. She found empowerment and freedom of choosing two wheels to get around. She sees it as a great source of exercise and feels not burdened by finding parking or the fees to do so!

In working with the SBAB Amy hopes to be the voice for regular bicycle commuters. She is concerned about safety, accessibility, and getting more people to choose bicycles as a mode of everyday transportation, not just recreation. 

Eli Davis, Get Engaged Member

Term: 9/1/2023-8/31/2024

Bio to be updated. 

Max Green

Term: 9/1/2022-8/31/2024

Between moving to Seattle in 2016 and the start of the COVID pandemic, Max had been a dedicated four-season bike commuter. Recently, he spends most of his cycling hours taking his toddler to daycare, mountain biking nearby at Tiger Mountain or Raging Ridge/River, or sneaking in a lunchtime road ride around the lower half of Lake Washington. In addition to bringing his point of view as a member of the South Seattle cycling community and a new parent to the SBAB, Max is most interested in ensuring that cycling in Seattle is as inclusive as possible. His goal is to remove barriers for those that haven't had the opportunity to make cycling part of their daily lives and make Seattle's streets friendly for all those traveling on two wheels. Professionally, Max serves as a member of the Marketing Leadership Team at REI, the outdoor retailer, where he leads teams working on planning, analytics, and operations.

Donna McBain Evans, Co-Chair

Term: 9/1/2022-8/31/2024

Donna has been an avid bicycle commuter since college in Madison, WI where she bought bike “snow tires” to ride to winter classes on the far end of campus. Calling Seattle home since 1983, Donna relies on her steel Bridgestone hybrid to transport her around the city. Living and working in China for 2 years opened her eyes to the power of that once-robust bicycle culture. At one time, entire car-lanes full of cyclists filled the streets, overwhelming the far fewer automobile drivers. It was mayhem but exciting to experience. Since moving to Belltown in 2015, one of her favorite things to do is explore various parts of the city to find new bike route connections and hidden gems for riding. As a newer resident of Belltown she has been amazed at recent infrastructure improvements that have made walking and cycling so much safer and pleasurable. Donna is excited to be part of a team that will help connect and extend these kinds of routes to underserved parts of the city. Donna is now retired from her work in non-profit real estate and fund development. When not cycling she spends time hiking, playing Mahjong and researching her next travel destination.

Doug Migden

Term: 9/1/2021-8/31/23, 9/1/23-8/31/25

Doug is an emergency physician and long-distance cyclist. For many years he commuted to work in downtown Seattle at all hours of the day and night. Doug has completed the 4000 km Transcontinental Race, unsupported across Europe, five times and he has also finished the 5500 km Indian Pacific Wheel Race across Australia. His combination of professional and cycling experiences have led to a strong interest in improving road safety. He has a particular interest in making more Seattle streets safe for children and families to ride on. In addition to his medical training, Doug has a J.D. degree from the University of Washington.

Nia Ransom

Term: 9/1/2023-8/31/2025

Nia, a dedicated cyclist, commutes daily from the Atlantic neighborhood to the University District. She frequently rides along 12th Ave and occasionally takes Lake Washington Blvd. to reach her workplace. During her rides, she often ponders questions like, "Why does this bike lane abruptly end?" or "How did Broadway get a protected bike lane when other streets didn't?" On some days, she finds joy in observing small yet significant improvements in cycling safety, even if it's as simple as a single white line separating the driver's lane from the cyclist's lane.

Nia is determined to transform Seattle into a place where cyclists can ride without the fear of collisions with cars. She eagerly anticipates delving into the decision-making process behind the city's bike infrastructure. Drawing on her past experiences as an Americorps member, leader in a bike shop, mountain bike instructor, and educator, Nia aims to contribute to the expansion of Seattle's cycling infrastructure, thereby enhancing safety and the overall well-being of neighboring communities.

Joseph Roberts, Secretary

Term: 9/1/2022-8/31/2024

Bio to be updated. 

Christine Stawitz

Term: 9/1/2022-8/31/2024

Bio to be updated. 

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