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Seattle Comprehensive Plan

A brief history of the Commissions work supporting the City's Comprehensive Plan.

Annual Amendment Process
Each year the City Council can consider amendments to the Comprehensive Plan. Amendments can be proposed by members of the public or City staff. The Planning Commission reviews every proposal and advises the City Council on which ones should be added to a docket of proposals that will be considered for adoption the following year. In that review, the Commission assesses whether the proposals meet a set of criteria that determine eligibility for being considered by Council. 

There is a separate review process where the Commission assesses the merits of the proposals that were placed on the docket the previous year, and gives their recommendations about which of the proposals should be adopted.

2018 - 2019
July 2019 - Docket setting letter for 2018 - 2019 amendment cycle

February 2019 - Final recommendations on the 2018 proposed amendments

2017 - 2018
November 2018 - Final recommendations on the 2017 proposed amendments

July 2017 - Docket setting letter for 2017 - 2018 amendment cycle

2016 - 2017
August 2017 - Final recommendations on the annual 2016 proposed amendments

July 2016 - Docket setting letter for 2016 - 2017 amendment cycle

2015 - Major Comprehensive Plan Update - Seattle 2035
July 2016 - Commission letter to the Chair of the City Council's Planning Land Use and Zoning Committee of the Seattle City Council on the Mayor's Recommended Plan 

November 2015 - Commission letter on the Public Draft of the Major Update to the Comprehensive Plan-Seattle 2035

July 2015 -  Commission comment letter on the Seattle 2035 Equity Analysis

May 2015 - Commission letter to the Mayor on creating a more accessible and readable Comprehensive Plan document.

April 2015 - Commission letter on draft #4 of the major Comprehensive Plan update in preparation for the release of the public draft.

February 2015 - Commision letter expressing our support for elevating the prominence of Social Equity in the City of Seattle Comprehensive Plan.

August 2014 - To assist in our review of the update to the Citywide Comprehensive Plan, we requested a few clarifying documents and a commitment to the core values. Our letter can be read here.

April 2014 - Recommendations on the Major Update to the Comprehensive Plan Draft Alternatives for the Environmental Impact Statement. These alternatives will help in drafting the final Comprehensive Plan.

2014 - 2015
June 2014 - docket setting recommendations for 2014-2015 amendment cycle

2013 - 2014
December 2013 - Recommendations on the Stadium District amendment

February 2013 - Final Recommendations on the 2012 proposed amendments

July 2013 - Docket setting letter for 2013 - 2014 amendment cycle

2011 - 2012
June 2011 - Docket setting letter for 2010 -2011 amendment cycle

January 2011 - Final recommendations on the 2010 proposed amendments

We proposed several Comprehensive Plan Amendments in 2010 to advance and implement nine strategies of the Commission's 2008 Affordable Housing Action Agenda.

2009 - 2010
June 2009 - Docket setting letter for 2009 - 2010 annual amendment cycle

February 2009 - Final recommendations on the 2008 proposed amendments

2008 - 2009
September 2008 - Final recommenations on the 2007 proposed amendments

October 2007 - Final recommendations on the 2006 proposed amendments

April 2006 - Letter on the 2007 threshold resolution

2006 - 2007
April 2006 - Final recommendations on the 2005 proposed amendments

2005 - 2006
September 2005 - Final recommendations on the 2004 proposed amendments 

Major Comprehensive Plan Update 2004 
November 2004 - Final Comments Letter to the Council

June 2004 - Letter to Department of Planning and Development staff on the proposed comprehensive plan update

June 2004 - A more detailed view of our comments on the Comprehensive Plan update

Year In Review

Click here to view the Year in Review for 2019

Click here to view the Year in Review for 2018

Click here to view the Year in Review for 2017

Click here to view the Year in Review for 2016

Sound Transit 3

Click here to view the Planning Commission's letter on the Level III alternatives for ST3. The letter provides recommendations for the evaluation of alternatives in the alignment of the West Seattle to Ballard line. 

Click here to view the Planning Commission's letter on the future Chinatown/International District & Delridge stations for Sound Transit 3. 

Click here to view the Planning Commission's letter to Sound Transit. The letter contains recommendations for the scoping of West Seattle Ballard Link Extensions Environmental Impact Statement. 

Click here to view the Planning Commission's letter from September 2018, on the Level II alternatives for ST3. The letter provides recommendations for the evaluation of alternatives in the alignment of the West Seattle to Ballard line. 

ST3 Project Timeline:
Sound Transit is currently completing Phase 2 of their alternatives evaluation, which will determine which alternatives move forward into Level 3 screening, which is the final round of evaluation for the Alternatives Development phase. Level 3 concludes in March 2019 with final recommendations. The Sound Transit Board will make a final decision on which alternatives to study in the EIS in April or May 2019. Environmental analysis will take about three years, and a Record of Decision (ROD) is expected in 2022. West Seattle stations expected in 2030, and the Ballard to CID stations expected in 2035


Mandatory Housing Affordability (MHA)

As Seattle continues to grow, it is more important than ever to take advantage of this growth to achieve a net gain in affordable housing units as soon as possible. MHA is a significant and critical tool in building a more affordable, inclusive, and equitable Seattle for all.

In 2019, the Commission provided testimony on MHA. You can read the prepared testimony here

Click here to view the Commission's recommendations for implementing MHA (2017).

The Commission shared comments with the Director of the Office of Planning and Community Development regarding the development of the MHA policy in (2016). You can view that comment letter here


Accessory Dwelling Unit EIS

In 2018, The Planning Commission reviewed the Office of Planning and Community Development's Environmental Impact Statement for the proposed changes for land use regulations pertaining to Accessory Dwelling Units in Seattle. You can view our letter here. Visit the OPCD Website for updates on the legislative process. 

Equitable Development Initiative

The Planning Commission is engaging with the Office of Planning and Community Development during the design of indicators to monitor displacement. The release of the selected indicators is anticipated in 2020. Check back for the Planning Commission's forthcoming recommendations for City departments and elected officials based on the findings in the monitoring report. 

2017 - Pedestrian Master Plan Letter

the Planning Commission has been a consistent supporter of proactive planning that considers the inter-relationship between land use and transportation. The Commission applauds the leadership of the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) for developing a vision, goals, and priority investment network that reflect this proactive approach. We also commend the Department for engaging with the public meaningfully and allowing their guidance to inform the plan.

Click here for the Commission's comment letter on the Pedestrian Master Plan.

Climate Change Preparedness Strategy

Climate change is an inherently complex issue, and the Planning Commission supports the Climate Change Preparedness Strategy as a necessary and critical step in proactively addressing the myriad impacts of climate change on the environment, infrastructure, public health, and our communities. 

Read the Commissions full letter here

One Center City Near Term Mobility Strategies

After the Near Term Mobility Strategies were developed for One Center City, the planning effort evolved into the development of the Imagine Greater Downtown plan, available here.

An ad-hoc committee made up of members from the Planning Commission and Design Commission reviewed the draft near-term mobility strategies, and provided comments in 2017, in this letter