Community Partners

The accountability system must be responsive to the priorities of the people of Seattle. It is the responsibility of the Office of Inspector General (OIG) to be accessible, flexible, and present with and in the community. The police accountability ordinance (Ord 125315) charges OIG with "meeting its mission in a way that reflects the values of Seattle's diverse communities."

OIG Sentinel Event Review

As discussed in the City Council Public Safety Committee special meeting on Wednesday, June 3, 2020, OIG is undertaking a sentinel event review of recent mass demonstration response by the Seattle Police Department and is committed to making this a community-centered process.

Sentinel event review is a systems-based, root cause analysis of incidents with significant negative outcome that is of importance and concern to community. The goal of this review is systemic improvement, and we are seeking to ensure it is grounded in community priorities and perspective, and also informed by law enforcement and relevant subject matter experts. The focus is on system improvement that addresses institutional racism.

OIG will partner with CPC and other community stakeholders to gather perspectives, input, and questions from community concerning SPD response to recent mass demonstrations. This information gathering will be informed by many sources, including your comments at public meetings, news coverage of events, complaints and comments made to OIG and the Office of Police Accountability, upcoming forums that will be announced, and other OIG information-gathering activities.

Due to the complexity of this review, the work will occur in phases. Later phases will involve review of events by a community-centered workgroup and audit work by OIG. Learn more about ongoing work here.

For more information or to provide comment, please email Please note that emails sent to OIG are subject to disclosure under the Public Records Act, RCW 42.56, and any allegations about individual officer misconduct are forwarded to the Office of Police Accountability to address.

OIG Community and Youth Advisory Groups

As current world events allow, Inspector General Judge will be inviting members of the community, including a youth group, to meet regularly with OIG staff as working groups and sounding boards for helping to ensure that OIG work remains true to community concerns. 

Defining "community" is a challenge that lies at the heart of police accountability. OIG will be developing a thoughtful process for onboarding this group of volunteers, but has not yet determined the selection process. Please stay tuned for more information. If you would like to be kept informed of progress, please contact OIG (see below).

Your Community Meeting

Being in community and with community is important for OIG to hear your concerns and understand how the work of the office can better meet your needs and address your concerns. While face-to-face interactions are now more challenging, that does not diminish our pressing need to connect with you. If you are holding a community meeting, virtual or otherwise, and would like OIG to attend and talk about the work of OIG, please feel free to contact OIG (see below).

Contacting OIG