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Theresa Barreras
Business Districts
Heidi Hall
Business Districts
Jessica Sidhu
Community Safety Coordinator 
Phillip Sit
Business Improvement Area
Ken Takahashi
Development Finance Advisor



To build an equitable and vibrant city by fostering neighborhood business districts that are centers of local commerce, community and culture. 


To support local businesses, building owners, and residents to unite around a common vision for their district and work together to achieve it. 


The Only in Seattle Initiative provides grant funding and staff support to foster inclusive neighborhood business districts that allow small businesses to thrive. Participating districts start by developing a strategic vision, creating an action plan, determining clear outcomes and leads, and getting to work. From business coaching, community festivals, and litter cleanup, to murals, outreach and real estate development, Seattle's business districts have used Only in Seattle to tackle tough issues, attract new investment and care for their communities. Explore the Business District Wins section (coming soon) for highlights of the Initiative at work in Seattle's business districts.


Only in Seattle is based on a set of strategy areas that are essential to any successful business district.



Neighborhood organizations, residents, property owners and business owners collaborate and work together toward a common vision for the business district.

Business Development

Businesses prosper because they are organized, supported by the community and they receive the assistance they need to strengthen and grow their business. New businesses move into the district that complement and improve the business mix.

Clean and Safe

The district is clean, and customers, employees, and visitors feel safe and welcome.

Marketing and Events

Local businesses are supported by marketing strategies and events that bring customers and emphasize a positive, consistent image of the district.


The physical environment of a commercial node is inviting and easily accessible by multiple modes of transportation. Real estate development involves community input and vision. Public spaces are maximized to enhance vibrancy and promote social interaction.




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