About Us

Welcome to the Office of Economic Development

Seattle's economic engine is powered by diversity, innovation, and a spirit of adventure.  Our office works to foster an economy where no matter who you are, who you love, or where you're from, you can achieve your career and business goals. We promote economic mobility and shared prosperity by providing resources to entrepreneurs and innovators, and to our current and future workers. We support small neighborhood businesses and community ownership, and connect our workforce to meaningful careers across the economy.

Pamela Banks

Tina Inay

Executive Assistant: Danielle Hursh
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Department Mission

To create a robust economy and broadly shared prosperity, the City of Seattle's Office of Economic Development is committed to balancing economic growth with the pursuit of economic and social justice.

We help create a vibrant economy which benefits the whole city by promoting access to economic opportunities for all of Seattle's diverse communities.

We support economic development that is financially, environmentally and socially sustainable. To achieve these ends, we are innovative and action-oriented, and work effectively with our partners to ensure maximum impact.

Connecting Business, Community and People

The City of Seattle's Office of Economic Development (OED) is an executive office of City of Seattle municipal government.

OED works chiefly through partnerships with community-based organizations, community lending institutions, community colleges, individual businesses, and industry associations and business organizations. By providing support to local organizations serving Seattle's diverse communities, OED leverages its resources and accesses the talents of many people to maintain and enhance our city's economic health.

OED invests money from a variety of sources -- the City general fund, federal dollars, foundation grants -- into economic development activities. Our staff provides program management, policy planning and other services to assist specific enterprises or groups of firms, neighborhoods and individual Seattle residents.