Tax Amazon to Build Social Housing!

Dear friends:

Welcome to our Tax Amazon resource page for activists!

Seattle voters just sent a clear message to Amazon and other big corporations in the 2019 City Council elections: Our city is not for sale!

Despite all the millions of dollars in corporate PAC money and the relentless attacks in the corporate media, Jeff Bezos and the billionaire class were unable to defeat our socialist City Council position! It is now our movement’s responsibility to harness the mandate and energy of Seattle’s working people to immediately build the Tax Amazon 2020 struggle! It is time to tax super-wealthy companies to fund a massive expansion affordable housing and the full funding of vital services.

Amazon Tax Infographic - front
Amazon Tax Infographic - back

Our 2020 Tax Amazon campaign launched on Jan. 13 with a 500-person rally. Then we held a Tax Amazon Action Conference on Saturday, Jan. 25.

Join our movement to tax Amazon and big business - not working people - to fund social housing and vital services. Help organize the grassroots strategy to win!

With the housing unaffordability and homelessness crisis reaching epic proportions, and with working-class households, especially communities of color, immigrants, seniors, and students being economic evicted from Seattle, we need to build thousands of new affordable homes.

The for-profit construction market has failed us. We need social housing that is union-built, publicly-controlled and permanently affordable. We must build quality housing for all, including working people, students, retirees, and people experiencing homelessness. And Amazon, corporate developers, and the other super-wealthy corporations in Seattle, who are raking in tens of billions in profits annually, must be taxed to fund this new housing - not working families and small- and medium-sized businesses.

To win, the Tax Amazon movement will take all of us!

On this page you’ll find organizing resources to help mobilize your co-workers, fellow students, retirees, neighbors and friends. Please don’t hesitate to reach out directly to my Council office, 206-684-8803, if you need any support or resources in mobilizing people for our Tax Amazon campaign.

In solidarity,

Councilmember Kshama Sawant Signature

Kshama Sawant