Women's Rights

Seattle Women's Commission's Statement on Paid Parental Leave 
"On November 19, 2015, the Seattle Women's Commission sent this powerful statement to Seattle City Councilmembers in support of my amendment to provide 12 weeks paid parental leave for City workers, and in solidarity with the struggle to win paid parental leave for all Seattleites."

One Vote Shy of Winning 12 Weeks Paid Parental Leave for City Workers 
"If our movement succeeds in showing how important 12 weeks paid parental leave is for women, people of color, and all working people in Seattle, then we can win. Twelve weeks paid parental leave for City of Seattle employees would be a crucial first step towards winning 12 weeks paid parental leave in Seattle as a whole, in Washington State, and across the country."

12 Weeks Paid Parental Leave for City Employees 
"Guaranteed paid parental leave is both a workers' rights and a women's rights issue. All workers, regardless of their gender identity or family configuration, should be guaranteed this right."

Solidarity with Planned Parenthood 
"On October 19, 2015, the Seattle City Council passed a resolution in solidarity with the work of Planned Parenthood. Full reproductive rights - free accessible birth control and abortion services - are essential for genuine gender equality. We need to stand by organizations like Planned Parenthood, rebuild the independent women's movement, and expand the fight for single payer healthcare for people of all genders, including the trans community."

Rebuild the Independent Women's Movement! Fight for Reproductive Rights 
"On September 8th, 2014, the Seattle City Council voted in favor of a resolution that called on the federal government to repeal all bans on public coverage for abortion, like the Hyde Amendment. It also encourages further efforts to improve access to both public and private insurance coverage for abortion and all forms of reproductive health care."