Rent Control

Commercial Rent Control - Is it Legal? 
"There is no legal obstacle to the Seattle City Council enacting commercial rent control right now. The statewide ban on residential rent control - while undemocratic and exploitative - is explicit. The only obstacle we face is the question of whether there is sufficient political will on the council to enact rent control for the oft-mentioned but little supported small business community in Seattle."

My Speech at the Historic Vote on Lifting the State Ban on Rent Control 
"On September 21, 2015, the Seattle City Council adopted a resolution calling on the Washington State Legislature to repeal its ban on rent control. This rent control resolution is a huge victory for our grassroots movement for housing affordability. Thirty five years after the state legislature sold out to big landlords by banning all rent regulation, the City Council has been forced to take a historic action, officially urging the repealing of the ban."

Rent Control - Frequently Asked Questions 
"Should a citywide rent control measure be included in the policy agenda in order to address skyrocketing rents? Below are responses to some frequently asked questions regarding rent control, why we need to fight for it, and what other policies are needed to make housing in Seattle affordable for all."

Please Support the Rent Control Resolution Sponsored by Councilmembers Sawant and Licata 
"To address Seattle's affordable housing emergency, we need a comprehensive set of bold housing policies. We need an expansion of tenant rights, robust linkage fees to make developers pay more for affordable housing, and a program to build thousands of City-owned affordable housing units. Seattleites should also be able to have a meaningful debate on whether some kind of rent control would be good for our city."

Rent Control Petition - Click Here For the Link to Sign! 
"Rent control allows communities and democratically accountable representatives get a say in how much our rents can go up. Right now, landlords can raise rents by as much as they want. Click here to learn more and sign our petition!"

Over 1,000 Seattleites Attend Town Hall Debate on Rent Control 
"On July 20, 2015, more than 1,000 people overflowed Town Hall Seattle to watch a lively and at times heated debate on rent control. The only way to ensure that the needs of our communities come before the profits of speculators and developers is to build a grassroots movement. This debate was another important step in that direction. Read more about the event, and sign our petition to "Lift the Washington State Ban on Rent Control.""

More than 500 People Attend Affordable Housing Town Hall 
"More than 500 tenants, housing advocates, and social justice activists packed City Hall on April 23rd for an Affordable Housing Town Hall organized by Councilmember Kshama Sawant and co-hosted with Councilmember Nick Licata. Watch the full forum here, or check out video highlights below."