Immigrant Rights

Voices of the People's Budget: Cariño Barragan Taloncon of Casa Latina 
"On October 30, 2014, labor leaders, community organizers, social service providers, and engaged citizens came together for a People's Budget Town Hall. Here Cariño Barragan Taloncon of Casa Latina called on the City to invest in immigrant rights and fully fund the Office of Labor Standards."

Seattle Should Divest from Corporations Profiting from Immigrant Detentions 
"On August 11th, I co-sponsored an immigration resolution calling on Obama and Congress to replace the enforcement oriented system with one that respects workers' rights and keeps families together. This is a powerful message to send at a critical time in the national immigration debate."

The Roots of Today's Immigration and Refugee Crisis 
"This week the Seattle City Council passed a resolution on immigration reform rooted in the work of El Comité. While speaking out in support of this resolution calling for urgent immigration reform, I think it is absolutely crucial that we place the problem of immigration reform in the correct historical and economic context."

May Day 2014 
"This May Day I will march shoulder to shoulder with my sisters and brothers fighting for immigrant rights and for a $15/hour minimum wage. The fight for immigrants' rights is inextricably linked to the struggle of all workers for a dignified life."

Letter Sent in Solidarity with Hunger Striking Detainees 
"It has come to my attention that an estimated 750 immigrant detainees at the Northwest Detention Center began a hunger strike on Friday to protest inhumane treatment and deportations. According to their lawyer, the detainees are paid only $1 for a full day's work, their food is inadequate, and the hunger strikers are being denied blankets, sheets, and even their clothes."