Speech on the Establishment of Seattle Educators Week 
"On September 9, 2015, my resolution to designate the week of September 14-18 as Seattle Educators Week passed unanimously. Within this legislation, the Seattle City Council called on the school district to negotiate in good faith, and for the Washington State Legislature to fully fund education. "

"Seattle Educators Week" Resolution Passes Unanimously 
"With the unanimous passage of my resolution declaring Seattle Educators Week, the City Council calls on the school district to negotiate in good faith, and for the Washington State Legislature to fully fund education. See my blog for the full text of the legislation."

Community Forum: Stand with Seattle Educators! 
"On September 10th, 2015, three days after the Seattle Education Association went on strike for a fair contract, I hosted a Community Forum, "Stand with Seattle Educators - Support a Fair Contract and High Quality Education for All." At the forum, educators, parents, students, and community members discussed not just the importance of this strike, but the next steps forward - including the need for a city-wide rally. You can watch the full Community Forum or view clips below."

Councilmember Sawant to Co-Host Community Meeting with the Coalition for the Schools Seattle Deserves to Support Striking Educators 
"On September 10, 2015, I co-hosted a community meeting with the Coalition for the Schools Seattle Deserves to discuss how we can come together and support Seattle's striking educators."

Letter to the Seattle School Board Supporting the Right of Educators to Strike 
"Two other Councilmembers joined me to send a letter to the Seattle School Board, urging them to not take legal action against the Seattle Education Association, and support their demand for a fair contract."

Support a Fair Contract for Seattle Educators and High Quality Education for All 
"Many teachers in Seattle make less now in real terms than they did in 2008. Rather than offering to make up for all the sacrifices teachers made during the recession, the district is trying to force teachers to extend the work day by 30 minutes without pay. What other profession would consider that a reasonable request?"

Letter opposing closure of Middle College at High Point 
"The following letter was sent to the Superintendent and School Board of Seattle Public Schools on June 17th, 2015, to retain the current Middle College model for what it has always been, and reinstate the teachers, who are so fully supported by the community, to their positions immediately."

Evergreen Commencement Speech 
"On June 12, 2015, I gave the Commencement Speech for Evergreen College's 44th graduating class."

Tax Corporations and Super-Wealthy People to Fund Washington Schools 
"We insist the State of Washington fully fund public education by cutting from the 6 billion dollars in yearly corporate tax breaks in Washington state. We demand smaller class sizes, as well as training, support, and resources to support teachers. We insist that all children in Washington attend schools that are safe, clean, and well maintained. The funding for these priorities should not be siphoned from other social services, which provide housing, health care, and vital services for the most needy in our state. Instead, funding should come from the corporations who pay, in some cases, negative tax rates."

UW School Of Social Work Graduation Keynote Address 
"On June 12, 2014, I gave the Keynote Address to the University of Washington School of Social Work's graduating class."