Race and Social Justice Initiative

The Race and Social Justice Initiative (RSJI) is the City of Seattle's commitment to eliminate racial disparities and achieve racial equity in the City. The Office of City Auditor is committed to the City's RSJI goal of achieving race and social equity and ending institutionalized racism in City government. As part of our audit work, we examine City departments and programs against the City's RSJI values of access, inclusion, and opportunity. 

RSJI Toolkit

For each audit project, using our RSJI toolkit, we discuss and consider the RSJI implications of our work during audit planning and fieldwork. Throughout the year, we also participate in the Legislative Department's RSJI Change Team. For more information, please contact seattle.auditor@seattle.gov

Legislation and Executive Orders

Resolution 31164

Executive Order 2005-08

Executive Order 2014-02

Executive Order 2017-13


City of Seattle Race and Social Justice Initiative

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