UFC Issued Documents

2018 Recommendations

Accessory Dwelling Unit Draft EIS
Adopted letter with comments to the ADU Draft EIS

Trees for All proposal
Adopted letter with comments to Council Central Staff May 11 Memorandum
Adopted letter of recommendation RE: CM Johnson's Trees for All proposal

SDCI Tree Regulations Update
Adopted letter of recommendation on Tree Regulations update (April 11, 2018)

Seattle Public Utilities Ship Canal Water Quality Program/3rd Ave Water Main Projects
Adopted planting plan recommendations

Thank you letter to Mr. Stotler
Adopted thank you letter to Mr. Stotler for sale of property to be added to Scmitz Park

Welcome letter to Mayor Durkan
Adopted welcome letter to Mayor Durkan

Seattle Department Construction & Inspections Director's Rule 21-2017 on Calculating Tree Valuations and Civil Penalties for Tree Protection Code Violations
Adopted letter of reccomendation RE: SDCI DR 21-2017 on Tree Valuation and Penalties


2017 Recommendations

Tree Protection Executive Order and Tree Regulations Research Project
Adopted letter RE: Tree Protection EO and Tree Regs Research Project

Support for Seattle Children's Hospital
Adopted letter of support for Seattle Children's Hospital

Request for SDCI briefing
Adopted letter requesting SDCI briefing on Tree Regulations Research Project

Design Review Board Improvements
Adopted letter RE: Design Review Board Improvements

Mandatory Housing Affordability Draft EIS
Adopted letter RE: MHA Draft EIS

Urban Bird Treaty
Adopted letter RE: Urban Bird Treaty

Seattle City Light and Seattle Department of Transportation tree pruning
Adopted SCL and SDOT tree pruning letter of recommendation

University of Washington Urban Forest Management Plan
Adopted UW Urban Forest Management Plan letter of recommendation

2016 Recommendations

Draft Climate Preparedness Strategy

Adopted Climate Preparedness Strategy letter of recommendation

Backyard Cottages and Accessory Dwellying Units

Adopted Accessory Dwelling Unit letter

Homeless Encampments

Adopted Opening Parks Property to Homeless Encampments

Major Institutions Master Planning

Adopted Major Institutions Master Planning letter of recommendation

Right-of-Way Improvements Manual update

Adopted Right-of-Way Improvements Manual update letter of recommendation (May 2016)
Adopted ROIWM update letter of recommendation (September 2016)

Environmental Critical Areas Update

Adopted Environtmental Critical Areas Update letter of recommendation

2015 Annual Report

Adopted 2015 Annual Report transmittal letter

2015 Recommendations

Recommendation on the Draft 2035 Comp Plan

Adopted letter of recommendation of the Draft 2035 Comp Plan

Letter welcoming Jesus Aguirre, New Parks Superintendent

Adopted letter welcoming Jesus Aguirre

City Fruit

Adopted letter of support for City Fruit

Comments to Parks' Draft Supplemental Use Guidelines for Natural Areas/Greenbelts

Adopted Comments to Parks Board on Draft Supplemental Use Gudelines for Natural Areas/Greenbelts
Second UFC letter regarding Parks' August 4, 2015 revised Draft Supplemental Use Guideliness for Natural Areas/Greenbelts

Comments to Comp Plan Draft EIS

Adopted Comments to Comp Plan Draft EIS letter

Arboretum Multi-Use Trail

Adopted Arboretum Multi-Use Trail letter of recommendation
Arboretum Botanical Garden Committee response
     Washington Park Arboretum Agreement
     Arboretum/Botanical Garden definition

Cheasty Greenspace Hydrology Issues

Adopted letter on Cheasty Greenspace Hydrology Issues

Tree Grates on Downtown Streets

Adopted Thank you letter to SDOT

2014 Recommendations

Urban Forestry and the Carbon Market

Adopted Opportunties for Urba Forestry in the Carbon Market letter

Parks' Revised Permanent Use Policy for Natural Areas and Greenbelts

Adopted Parks' Revised Permanent Use Policy for Natural Areas and Greenbelts

Plant Amnesty Washington State DoE Grant Application

Adopted Plant Amnesty Washington State Department of Ecology Grant Application letter of support

Queen Anne Children's Home Property

Adopted Queen Anne Children's Home Property Letter of Recommendation

Comments on Street Tree Manual

Adopted comments on the draft Street Tree Manual

Avenue of Street Trees Letter of Recommendation

Adopted Avenue of Street Trees letter of recommendation

Letter Welcoming Scott Kubly, new SDOT Director

Adopted letter welcoming Scott Kubly

Tree Grates on Downtown Street Trees

Adopted recommendation to SDOT on tree grates downtown

Executive Order 03-05 - Tree Replacement

Adopted recommendation on Executive Order 03-05 - Tree Replacement

DPD Tree Ordinance

Adopted letter to Councilmember Bagshaw

DPD Reporting

Adopted letter of recommendation on DPD reporting

Plant Amnesty KCD Grant application

Adopted Plant Amnesty KCD Grant letter of support

Seattle City Light Disposition of Surplus Stations

Adopted recommendation on Disposition of Seattle City Light surplus stations
SCL response letter

Seattle Parks District

Adopted recommendation to put a Seattle Parks District on the Ballot

Cheasty Mountain Bike Pilot

Adopted Cheasty Mountain Bike Pilot letter of recommendation

Seattle Times Park

Adopted Seattle Times Park letter of recommendation

Welcome letters

Adopted CM Bagshaw letter
Adopted Mayor welcome letter

2013 Recommendations

2013 Urban Forest Stewardship Plan

Adopted recommendation to add UFSP action item on maintenance of public trees
Adopted UFSP support letter
Adopted 2014 UFSP funding recommendation

City Fruit

Adopted City Fruit support letter
City Fruit follow up letter

Small lot development in Single Family zones

Adopted recommendation on small lot development in Single Family zones

Position Paper on Trees and Views

Adopted Position Paper on Trees and Views

DPD on tree preservation protocols during small development projects

Adopted Tree Preservation Protocols for Small Development Projects recommendation
DPD response letter

2012 Recommendations

Green Seattle Partnership

Adopted GSP rate funding recommendation
Adopted Green Seattle Partnership funding recommendation

Seattle's Forest Ecosystems Values (i-Tree) report

Adopted Seattle's Forest Ecosystems Values (i-Tree) report recommendation

Design Guidelines update

Design Guidelines
Adopted UFC Design Guidelines recommendation

Urban Forest Management Plan Update

Draft Urban Forest Management Plan update
Adopted UFC Recommendation on canopy cover goal for Industrial Area for UFMP update

Yesler Terrace Redevelopment

Yesler Terrace Tree Protection Plan
Adopted UFC Recommendation on Yesler Terrace Redevelopment

SDOT Street Tree Ordinance

Draft Street Tree Ordinance
Adopted UFC Recommendation on SDOT's Street Tree Ordinance
SDOT Response to UFC Recommendation

2011 Recommendations

Tree Removal Permits
Position paper on Tree Removal Permit

Professional Standards for Tree Pruning and Tree Removal
Position paper on Professional Standards for Tree Pruning and Tree Removal

UFC Messaging

Adopted UFC messaging document

UW Innovation Zone

Final Letter to UW President on Innovation Zone

Seafair Torch Light Parade

SDOT Letter to Seafair
UFC Seafair Torch Light Parade recommendation to Council
UFC Seafair Torch Light Parade recommendation to Mayor
Response from Mayor

Community Tree Planting and Education Program

UFC letter of support for consolidation of Comm. Tree Planting and Education Programs

Seattle Comprehensive Plan

Environment Element
UFC Comp Plan update recommendation

Shoreline Master Program Regulations

Follow-up UFC Comments to Shoreline Master Program Regulations
DPD response to comments
Final Shoreline Master Program Comment Letter 5-4-11

Urban Forest Management Plan

UFMP adoption letter to Council 3-2-11
Response from Council

2010 Recommendations

DPD Proposed Tree Regulations

DPD revised draft tree regulations update summary and Director's report (2012)
DPD proposed tree regulations
UFC 8-13-10 initial response
UFC 10-20-10 follow-up response
Position Paper on Tracking and Permitting of Tree Removals
Professional Standards Position Paper
Tree Standards Position Paper
4-13-12 letter from Councilmember Richard Conlin

Multi-family Code (lowrise & Green Factor)

UFC on multifamily code changes to lowrise zones and Green Factor

Heron Rookeries

Press release
UFC on Heron Rookeries
DPD response