We provide powerful technology solutions for the City of Seattle and public we serve.

Seattle Information Technology Department is the consolidated information technology organization for the City of Seattle. Seattle IT provides the services that facilitate delivery of powerful information technology services for the City of Seattle and the public it serves. Created in April 2016, Seattle IT connects people to their government, enables an efficient and productive City workforce, and builds a digitally equitable community.

Today is Data Privacy Day. We’ve been posting all week about this important day the reminds us to safeguard our data. This day is also about raising awareness within the business sector to honor privacy best practices. This week we’ve had an [...]
Sunday, January 28 is Data Privacy Day, a day to raise awareness and promote privacy and data protection best practices. It’s an international effort to empower individuals and business to respect privacy, safeguard data, and enable trust. [...]
Washington, DC – Today, the Future of Privacy Forum released its City of Seattle Open Data Risk Assessment. The Assessment provides tools and guidance to the City of Seattle and other municipalities navigating the complex policy, operational, [...]
This Sunday, January 28, is Data Privacy Day. Data privacy is related to how information is handled based on its importance. In this digital age we live in, data privacy is critical to protect personal information. An awareness of how a digital life [...]

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