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Request For Qualifications


Integrated Resource Planning

Addendum to Request for Qualifications for Integrated Resource Planning for Seattle City Light

Seattle City Light will provide an opportunity for potential respondents to ask questions about its Request for Qualifications for Integrated Resource Planning, published in the Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce on September 7, 2004. A conference call period has been arranged for Wednesday, September 15, 2004, between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. Pacific Standard Time. Interested parties should dial (206) 684 – 9214. There will be a brief introduction on the utility’s current resource portfolio and summary of the published RFQ, followed by a period of questions and answers.
  1. Project Background

    Seattle City Light (City Light) is seeking a consultant to support the development of the scope of its 2005 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP). The selected consultant will be asked to review and evaluate City Light's preliminary IRP background work and help identify a preferred approach and scope for the 2005 IRP. Given the current industry environment for electric utilities, City Light expects to incorporate risk management and transmission issues in its IRP. Thus City Light is looking for consultant(s) who can support its technical, environmental and financial/economic expertise to develop a state-of-the-industry approach for its 2005 IRP. The consultant(s) will be expected to work with diverse groups, including representatives from City Light, other City Departments, an Advisory Board, the Mayor’s office, the City Council and other outside experts.

    The primary scoping issues that the consultant will be asked to assist with are:

    1. Assist Seattle City Light staff in the identification of a sample of selected utilities in the Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC) region that have produced IRPs in the past two years and in the identification of scopes and methodologies used in such Integrated resource Plans.
    2. Develop different options for the scope of City Light’s 2005 IRP. The scopes proposed will take into account City Light’s unique situation, especially its mostly hydro-based resource portfolio, its commitment to environmental values and the types of resource decisions the utility faces over the next decade. List pros and cons of selecting each of the scopes identified.
    3. Evaluate City Light’s available data and modeling tools and propose changes, if necessary, to develop the 2005 IRP under the scopes identified in point 2. Assist in the evaluation of staff requirements for each approach.

  2. Scope of Work/Term of Contract/Budget/Schedule:

    1. Scope of Work

      The selected consultant(s) will be available to offer expertise to support City Light staff in the selection of scope of work and methodologies for the 2005 IRP, as detailed in Section I. Selected candidates(s) are not expected to do the work independently, but rather to work with City Light staff.

    2. Consultant’s Report

      The selected consultant(s) will present the results of the work done with City Light staff and the review performed in a written report that will include findings and recommendations on each of the three points identified in Section 1.

    3. Term of Contract and Budget

      The term of the contract shall extend from the date of execution by the Superintendent of City Light, or his designee, to the end of January 2005. The maximum amount of compensation for the contract shall be known during negotiations.

    4. Schedule

      City Light’s proposed schedule follows:



      Release RFQ

      September 7, 2004

      RFQ Response due

      September 20, 2004

      Finalists Notified

      September 27, 2004

      Interview Finalists

      October 4, 2004

      Notification of City Light’s Decision and Initiation of Contract Negotiation with Successful Consultant(s)

      October 7, 2004

      Contract Executed

      October 11, 2004

      Draft Report on Task 1

      October 30, 2004

      Draft Report on Task 2

      November 15, 2004

      Draft Report on Task 3

      November 24, 2004

      Preliminary Full Report

      December 1, 2004

      Final Report

      December 15, 2004

  3. Submittal Requirements

    A. Submittal (limit of 4 pages)

    Successful respondents to this RFQ will describe their skills and expertise in relation to the IRP scope of work described above. Responses to this RFQ will include:

      • Brief description of previous work on IRPs, including any specific work with broad-based resource planning evaluation committees.

      • Full disclosure of relation with entities that develop or sell forecasting and/or modeling tools for integrated resource planning that may affect Consultant(s)’s evaluation of quantitative tools for City Light’s 2005 Integrated Resource Plan. Please see Section IV.B, Selection Criteria.

      • Full disclosure of interest in specific energy resource projects that may be considered for the analysis as a result of the 2005 IRP. Please see Section IV. B, Selection Criteria.

      • Brief description of knowledge and experience in the areas of electricity system operations, wholesale energy market price forecasting, resource planning models, demand-side management, load forecasting, risk management, the Northwest hydropower system, the West Coast transmission system and related ancillary service markets.

      • Summary of technical, environmental, quantitative, and economic skills as related to above.

      • Availability to respond to City Light staff requests over the contract period indicated. Compensation required. If respondent is a member of a team, specify rate structure and compensation for each member of the project team.

      • Names and telephone numbers of three references, with brief description of the work done for these individuals.

      • Exceptions to the City’s Standard Consultant Services Contract.

    B. Submission Deadline

    An original and eight (8) copies of your qualifications must be received no later than 5:00 pm, September 20, 2004, at the following address:



    Seattle City Light
    Attn: Raquel Bennett
    Re: RFQ IRP
    700 Fifth Avenue, Suite 3300
    P.O. Box 34023
    Seattle, Washington 98124-4023

    Qualifications may be either mailed or hand delivered. The City is not responsible for late delivery caused by the Postal Service or private carriers. Any qualifications received after the deadline will not be evaluated.

    All submittals become the property of the City of Seattle. The content of all submittals will be held confidential until the selection of a consultant is made. Any proprietary data must be clearly marked.

    C. Requests for Information

    Any requests for clarification or additional information regarding this RFQ shall be submitted in writing via fax or e-mail to Raquel Bennett at the following address by September 15, 2004:

    Raquel Bennett, Strategic Advisor
    Telephone: (206) 684-3823
    FAX: (206) 233-2757

    Responses to requests for clarification will be posted on City Light’s web page.

    D. Packaging

    Each submittal must include one (1) original and eight (8) copies of your qualifications.

    E. Use of Recycled Content Paper

    Consultants shall, whenever practicable, use recycled content paper for all documents submitted in the qualifications.

    F. Duly Authorized Signature

    The qualifications must contain the signature of a duly authorized officer or agent of the company submitting the qualifications.

    G. Respondent Responsibility for Submittal Costs

    The consultant shall be fully responsible for all qualification development and submission costs. The City does not assume any contractual obligation as a result of the issuance of this RFQ, the preparation or submission of a qualification by a consultant, the evaluation of an accepted qualification, or the selection of any finalists.

    H. Economy of Qualifications

    Qualifications should be prepared simply and economically and give a straightforward and concise description of the consultant’s capabilities to satisfy the requirements of the project. Special bindings, colored displays, etc. are not necessary. Emphasis should be placed on completeness and clarity of content.

    I Proprietary Material

    Any proprietary information in a submittal must be designed clearly and should be bound separately and labeled with the words "PROPRIETARY INFORMATION". Appropriate references to this information must appear in the body of the qualifications. An entire submittal marked "PROPRIETARY INFORMATION" will not be accepted.

    Consultants should be aware that the City is required by law to make its records available for public inspection with certain exceptions (see Revised Code of Washington, Chapter 42.17). It is the City’s belief that this legal obligation would not require the disclosure of proprietary, descriptive literature that contains valuable designs, drawings or documentation. However, the consultant, by submission of materials market "PROPRIETARY", acknowledges that the City will have no obligation or liability to the consultant in the event that either must disclose these materials.

    J Consultants Located Outside the City of Seattle

    If a contract or subcontract is awarded to a consultant that does not have an office within the Seattle city limits, or does not have a City of Seattle Business and Occupation tax number, the consultant must contact the Seattle Department of Finance (Revenue and Consumer Affairs) at (206) 684-8484 in order to obtain a Seattle Business License prior to executing the contract.

    K Non-Washington Corporations

    If a contract or subcontract is awarded to a non-Washington corporation, such corporation shall obtain authorization to do business in the State of Washington prior to final execution. Information on obtaining authorization to do business in the State of Washington should be addressed to the Washington State Department of Revenue at 1-800-647-7706.

    The laws of the State of Washington shall govern the contract executed between the selected consultant and the City, and any interpretations or constructions thereof. Further, the place of performance and transaction of business shall be deemed to be the City of Seattle, State of Washington; in the event of litigation, the exclusive venue and place of jurisdiction shall be the Superior Court for King County, Washington.

    L. Non Discrimination and Affirmative Action

    Please see Consultant Services Contract.

    M. Women and Minority Consultant Participation

    Please see Consultant Services Contract.

    N. Invoicing and Payment Schedule

    Deliverables (products, etc.) under the contract shall be submitted to the City according to a schedule to be agreed upon with the City. Upon acceptance of each deliverable by the City, the consultant may submit invoices for payment in accordance with a schedule to be negotiated.

    O. Insurance Requirements

    The selected consultant will be required to provide proof of insurance, and to have The City of Seattle named as an additional insured on their General Liability Insurance policy. Specific insurance coverages and amounts will be determined during negotiations and must be met by the selected consultant prior to executing the contract.


  4. Selection and Contracting Process

    A. Advertisement

    The City will advertise this RFQ in the Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce (the City’s official newspaper) on September 8, 2004. Copies of the advertisement will also be sent to those firms in specific categories of services in the City’s Consultant Reference File, maintained by the Executive Services Department, Public Works and Consultant Contracting Section.

    B. Selection Criteria

    Experience/qualifications related to integrated resource planning

    Availability during the scheduled scoping period and ability to deliver output within deadline

    Demonstrated understanding of the Northwest and West Coast electricity and transmission systems

    Demonstrated understanding of hydro-based utility operations

    Ability to do independent evaluation of quantitative tools and data sources for resource planning

    Independence from entities that develop and sell models, databases and other tools for integrated resource planning.

    Independence from specific energy resource projects that could be considered in City Light’s 2005 IRP



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