Seattle (September 20) – Following the members of the Seattle Police Officers’ Guild voting to approve the proposed six year contract, Mayor Jenny A. Durkan and Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best commended the support from officers who have been [...]
IAC members will bring significant talent and resources to the table to create innovative solutions for issues including homelessness, housing, and transportation Seattle (September 19) – Ahead of their first meeting, Mayor Jenny A. Durkan announced [...]
Chief Resilience Officer Will Lead City-Wide Efforts to Build Holistic Resilience to the Social, Physical, and Economic Challenges of 21st Century 100 Resilient Cities, Pioneered by Rockefeller Foundation, Is Dedicated to Building Resilience in [...]
Seattle (September 17) – In honor of winning their third WNBA championship title, Mayor Jenny A. Durkan has transmitted legislation to designate the main pathway next to new Seattle Center Arena as “Seattle Storm Way.” Seattle City Council will [...]
Award will bring $2.5 million in resources to Seattle to help City meets its aggressive climate goals through improving building efficiency, jump-starting a green jobs pilot, and increasing transportation alternatives Seattle (September 14) – [...]
Seattle (September 13) – As part of Seattle’s new law to protect communities from gun violence, Mayor Jenny A. Durkan and Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best today announced new guidelines for what qualifies as responsibly storing guns in Seattle, [...]
More than 15,000 ORCA Cards are Being Distributed to Students Seattle Now Largest City Offering Free Transit to High School Students Seattle (September 6) – Following her commitment to provide free ORCA passes to young people in Seattle, Mayor Jenny [...]
Seattle (September 7) – At visits to Sound Generations Lake City/Northgate Senior Center and the International Drop-In Center on Beacon Hill, Mayor Jenny A. Durkan announced $1.7 million in awards for senior centers that contribute to the health, [...]
Seattle (September 6) – Seattle Mayor Jenny A. Durkan and Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser made a wager today on the outcome of the 2018 WNBA Finals between the Seattle Storm and the Washington Mystics. If the Mystics win (they won’t), Mayor [...]
Our friend Barbara Bailey died this weekend, and Seattle grew suddenly dimmer. Few things challenge our sense of mortality and purpose more than the death of someone who seemed immortal. Barbara was such a person. Born and raised here, she loved [...]