Dear Community Members,
At its 5/21 meeting, the Seattle LGBT Commission voted 9 to 2 (with 1 abstention) not to sponsor a viewing of the documentary, "Pinkwashing Exposed: Seattle Fights Back!" at City Hall. A large number of community members attended last night's meeting to weigh in on the request, as well as to revisit the events of three years ago involving a proposed meeting with an Israeli LGBT group, which is the subject of the documentary. Commissioners acknowledged the importance of the issues and expressed appreciation for the many perspectives expressed during last night's public testimony. In the end, the Commission felt that this request fell outside their current 2015 scope of work.

Lisa Love and Marxa Marnia, Co-Chairs
Seattle LGBT Commission

LGBT Commission

The Seattle Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Commission advises the Mayor, Council and departments about issues of concern affecting the LGBTQ community, recommend policies and legislation, bring the LGBTQ communities and the larger Seattle community together through long-ranged projects, and ensure that City departments fairly and equitably address issues affecting and involving Seattle's LGBTQ communities as individuals and as a protected class afforded accessibility and inclusion to the services of the City of Seattle.

The LGBT Commission consists of 15 representative citizens of Seattle appointed by the Mayor and City Council to serve in an advisory capacity to the Mayor, City Council, Seattle Office for Civil Rights, and other Seattle City departments. Seven commissioners are appointed by the Mayor, and seven appointments are made by the City Council. The Commission appoints the 15th member. Commissioners are appointed to a two year term of office and serve without pay.

The Seattle Office for Civil Rights provides staff and support to the Commission.

This material, as well as reasonable accommodations for meetings and events, is available on request for people with disabilities. Call 206-684-4500 for more information.