What We Do

2015 Work Plan

Mission: The Commission's role is to effectively address and present the concerns of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender citizens of Seattle to the Mayor, City Council, and all City Departments through recommendation of legislation, policy, programs, and budget items.

Values: The Commission endeavors to advance its work using an intersecting lens of racial, economic, gender, and social justice.

The Commission developed its work plan through a review of objectives and achievements in the 2014 Work Plan and analysis of work begun within subcommittees prioritized at the Seattle LGBTQ Commission retreat in October 2014.

Work Plan Committees & Priority Areas

Internal Affairs Committee:
The Internal Affairs Committee works to support the collaboration of the commissioners with the goal of promoting the stability, efficacy and empowerment of the Commission in its collective capacity as an advocate on behalf of the LGBTQ community and as an advisory board to the City Council and the Mayor.

LGBTQ Youth in Schools Committee:
The LGBTQ Youth in Schools Committee works to create safe and welcoming schools for LGBTQ students, staff and families. The focus of the committee is to increase staff awareness and skills in working with LGBTQ young people. The committee looks at the intersection of the City of Seattle and schools in areas such as data collection, curriculum, staff training, school district policies and procedures, and funding of inclusive programs.

People of Color Stakeholders Committee:
Through the People of Color Stakeholder Committee the LGBTQ Commission works to develop a list of first responders who have a stake in the LGBTQ Community of Color and can be called upon when social violence emerges. To support the Commission's capacity to advocate with integrity in understanding the complexities of cultural intersections, and in stronger relationship with POC communities, these stakeholders act as advisors to the Mayor and City Council via the Commission.

The Commission believes this committee is crucial to supporting how the city asks stakeholders to come forth during times of crisis. The goal of the committee is to help establish a coordinated stakeholder response to oppression-based violence that involve LGBTQ people of color and people at the intersections of oppression, i.e. any simultaneous membership of the following social groups: people of color, immigrant/refugee, LGBTQ communities, low-income or poor communities, female-bodied.

Public Safety Committee:
The Public Safety Committee works to address targeting and discriminatory policing by strengthening relations between the Seattle Police Department and LGBTQ communities. The goal of this committee is to help improve community safety by providing resources to the SPD in support of their ongoing efforts to improve services for LGBTQ communities.

This work includes strengthening relationships with LGBTQ communities around service provision by Seattle Police Department i.e. responses, protection, treatment, and communication.

The Public Safety Committee will collaborate with the Community Police Commission as well as the People of Color Stakeholders Committee and other supporting organizations to address issues of oppression-based violence in our communities and other issues that affect the LGBTQ community.

City Planning & Neighborhood Services & City Resources Task Force:
The work of this task force focuses on sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression in the advocacy of social equity with regard to emerging City Initiatives, overall City Planning, Neighborhood Services, and related City Departments. The Task Force will engage in timely research and policy recommendations on interest-specific City initiatives, planning, and the annual budget.

Ongoing goals of LGBTQ Commission include:

  • Evaluating, developing, and improving training of Commissioners on race and social justice issues, ethics, legislative advocacy, and other necessary skill areas.
  • Strengthening advising relationships with the Mayor's Office, City Council, and City Departments.
  • Collaborating with the Seattle Office of Civil Rights (SOCR) and the other Commissions under SOCR on projects impacting Seattle LGBTQ communities.
  • Aligning the Commission's goals and work plan with the City's annual budget to ensure meaningful impact on budget issues.
  • Reviewing and tracking legislation affecting LGBTQ communities.
  • Providing support to foster and sustain relationships with local organizations. Promoting education and outreach around intersectional identities.
  • Working with the SOCR to promote continuous inclusion of LGBTQ training as part of the City's Race and Social Justice Initiative.
  • Conducting outreach and educating the public on the mission of the LGBTQ Commission.
  • Supporting LGBTQ community organizations and events.
  • Conducting ongoing review of commission bylaws, attendance, and budget.
  • Developing, implementing, and improving a recruitment and orientation plan for new commissioners.