What We Do


Bylaws (adopted 23 May 2018)

2018 Work Plans

The Seattle LGBTQ Commission's goal is to lead their work with a trans and racial equity lens.

Work Plan Committees and Goals

Commission Operations: Create cohesion within and facilitate smooth operations of the LGBTQ Commission

Intergovernmental Relations: Monitor and build relationships with city, council, and state lawmakers

People of Color Stakeholders: Engagement & Outreach with Queer People of Color (QPOC), Environmental Justice, and Education between QPOC and the Commission

Health, Aging, and Disability Justice: To assess local policy around health, aging, drug use, and disability as it affects the LGBTQIA++ population, and to advocate for inclusion of LBGTQIA++ perspectives in efforts to support people with disabilities, people with drug use disorders, and aging LGBTQ community at the city, county, and state levels.

Communications and Social Media

Housing, Homelessness, & Affordability Renter's Protections, Gender- Inclusive Services for Unsheltered Individuals, and Issues regarding LGBTQ Unsheltered Youth

Other areas of interest:

  • Community Safety
  • Police & Prison Accountability
  • LGBTQ Community Center and Recreation Development