Ethnic Media Program

What is Ethnic Media?

We define ethnic media as any communications outlet that intentionally produces news stories and other content for a particular ethnic group or ethnic community residing in the U.S. Ethnic media outlets can be small businesses, often run by a family or an individual in their community. They can also be large multinational companies with headquarters located in other countries. Ethnic media can include the mediums of television, radio, online, and print. They can be in-language or bilingual, but their content is created with a specific ethnic community in mind.

In Seattle, the largest ethnic media communities are ones that serve Chinese-, Korean-, Spanish-, and Vietnamese-speaking communities, as well as African American communities.

Why Ethnic Media?

According to Census data, approximately 20% of Seattle's population is foreign-born. And of this population, over 30 percent are "linguistically isolated." The U.S. Census Bureau defines linguistically isolated as "a household in which no person 14-years-old and over speaks only English, and no person 14-years-old and over who speaks a language other than English speaks English 'very well'."

Many of these residents do not access information from mainstream English-language news outlets. Instead, they access other alternate sources for news and information, including word of mouth, faith/religious leaders, and media that communicates in languages other than English. This is why the City of Seattle strives to ensure ethnic media is a component of outreach or marketing campaigns.

Learn More about Ethnic Media

City of Seattle Ethnic Media Directory

This is the most current list of ethnic media outlets serving the City of Seattle, maintained by the Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs and updated quarterly. (Highlighted outlets indicate they are English-only or bilingual.)
Last updated: 4/5/2022.

Are you a member of a media organization that serves immigrant and refugee communities and want to be added to this list? Please email your request to Joaquin Uy at


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