Responding to Gender-Based Violence

HSD's Mayor's Office on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault (MODVSA) serves as a funder, convener, partner, and thought leader in the field of gender-based violence. Last year, MODVSA invested $1.1 million in prevention, intervention, offender accountability programming, and systems enhancement. The Office also works in partnership with communities, non-profits, and government agencies to enhance the City of Seattle's response to gender-based violence.  

MODVSA is the lead coordinator of a number of cross-departmental and regional response efforts, including:

Participants in these efforts include community-based and victim service agencies, law enforcement, and criminal justice partners. 

MODVSA also invests over $3.3 million annually in supportive victim services to address the safety and stability needs of domestic violence, sexual assault, and commercial sexual exploitation survivors and their families.  

In 2019, the team increased education and awareness through a series of events, including organizing a #DenimDay educational panel to amplify voices of indigenous women who are leading change for survivors as part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month (April); hosting speakers and a discussion on the importance of addressing racism, healing trauma that African American men and boys have themselves experienced, and bringing communities together to protect African American women and girls (September); and expanded recognition of Domestic Violence Awareness Month (October) by recruiting Mayor's Office, Office of Labor Standards, and Legislative Department staff and the Columbia Center to participate in #PurpleThursday. The City of Seattle is committed to ending gender-based violence.