Data-driven Investments

Grounded in the City's Race and Social Justice Initiative goals, HSD has instituted performance-based investments and uses data to fund those nonprofits that demonstrate an ability to effectively serve those most in need. The staff at HSD  works every day to ensure the City's resources are being leveraged for maximum impact on reducing racial and other disparities. HSD has developed a strategy for results-based accountability and addressing disparities to ensure that the most critical human service needs are met by:

Defining the desired results for the department's investments;

Aligning the department's resources to the desired results; and

Monitoring the result progress to ensure return on investment.

The results-based accountability "Outcomes Framework" helps HSD move from ideas to action to ensure that our work and investments are making a real difference in the lives of vulnerable people. The following service division goals and the results that would indicate success have been established based on identified community values.

HSD Service DivisionGoalResults
Youth and Family Empowerment Children and youth are prepared for school and life
  • Children and youth achieve academic success
  • Children and youth are healthy (physical, social, emotional)
  • Youth effectively transition to adulthood
  • Families are strong, healthy and stable
Homeless Strategy and Investment  Our community is safe, stable and self-reliant
  • Individuals and families are safe and have healthy relationships
  • Individuals and families are financially stable
  • Individuals and families have stable housing
  • Individuals and families have access to healthy food
Aging and Disability Services Our community promotes healthy aging and lifestyle
  • Vulnerable adults have affordable, quality healthcare
  • Vulnerable adults have their basic needs met
  • Vulnerable adults improve or maintain their health (physical, social, emotional)
  • Vulnerable adults remain independent

HSD's Theory of Change ensures that data informs our investments - particularly around addressing disparities - and shows the logical link between the desired results, indicators of success, strategies for achieving the desired results, performance measures and equity target(s). All investments resulting from HSD's funding opportunities will demonstrate alignment with HSD's theory of change.

View a presentation of key data related to HSD's investment areas.