Budget and Funding Sources

HSD contracts with more than 170 community-based human service providers and administers programs to ensure Seattle residents have food and shelter, education and job opportunities, access to health care, opportunities to gain social and economic independence and success, and many more of life's basic necessities. HSD is committed to working with the community to provide appropriate and culturally-relevant services.

HSD's Strategic Plan, "Healthy Communities, Healthy Families" identifies six key results:

  • All youth in Seattle successfully transition to adulthood.
  • All people living in Seattle are able to meet their basic needs.
  • All people living in Seattle are housed.
  • All people living in Seattle experience moderate to optimum health conditions.
  • All people living in Seattle are free from gender-based violence.
  • All older adults experience stable health and are able to age in place.

HSD's work is funded by a variety of revenue sources, including federal, state and inter-local grants, as well as the City's General Fund. General Fund contributions leverage significant grant revenues to benefit Seattle residents. As a result, external grants represent 37.4% of HSD’s revenue, while the General Fund represents 58.2% in the 2020 proposed budget. In addition, $5.15 million of HSD’s revenue comes from the newly created Sweetened Beverage Tax Fund, representing roughly 2.3% of the department’s total budget in 2020. Approximately 1.5% of HSD’s 2020 budget is supported by Short Term Rental tax revenues, and the remaining 0.7% of HSD’s budget will come from the Unrestricted Cumulative Reserve Fund. 

For more detailed information, download HSD's Budget Overview prepared by the City Budget Office.