About Us

The Seattle Human Services Department's work is focused on ending homelessness, hunger and violence in our community and improving the health and well-being of everyone who calls the Seattle area home.

We work in close collaboration with the Mayor's Office, the Seattle City Council, King County, United Way of King County, Public Health - Seattle & King County, and other regional partners.

As the Director of the Seattle Human Services Department, Catherine Lester oversees the Seattle’s $89 million annual investment in 200 agencies that support our City’s most vulnerable residents. She has been the architect and driver of the Department’s effort to make contracting decisions based on data and results.
Addressing Homelessness, Affordability and Livability, Public Health, Preparing Youth for the Future, Addressing Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, Promoting Healthy Aging.
The Seattle Human Services Department (HSD) has developed a strategy for results-based accountability and addressing disparities to ensure that the most critical human service needs are met.
Find out how the Human Services Department is changing lives by viewing the City of Seattle's Open Performance dashboard.
The 2015 HSD Adopted Budget is $130,009,276 which includes $70,419,479 City of Seattle General Fund, $15,062,230 in State funds, $43,827,567 Federal funds and $600,000 from private foundations.