Learn more about Seattle's water system and its management.

Shoreline Master Plan Update

The Shoreline Master Program (SMP) is mandated by the state Shoreline Management Act (SMA), created by citizen referendum in 1972, and includes the goals, policies, and regulations that govern land use and activities within the Seattle Shoreline District.

Rainwise tools

How rain runoff can be slowed and cleaned in your yard.

SPU Water Reports

A variety of Seattle Public Utilities reports and research on water conservation.

Tolt River Watershed

The South Fork Tolt River is the smaller and lesser known (than the Cedar River) but still essential second supply watershed in SPU’s freshwater supply system. Located in the foothills of the Cascades in east King County, it supplies about 30% of the drinking water for 1.3 million people in and around Seattle.

Cedar River Watershed

Supplying the majority of Seattle's drinking water, the Cedar River Watershed has an education center, hosts tours and is carefully managed with a 50-year habitat conservation plan.

Watershed Projects Map

An interactive map (pdf) to see projects such as rain gardens, green roofs and habitat restoration.

Rainwater harvest tip sheet

Tip sheet on design, permitting and use of harvested rainwater.

Stormwater Management Plan

The City of Seattle Stormwater Management Plan was developed for compliance with the Ecology-issued 2012 NPDES Phase I Municipal Stormwater Permit.

Stormwater Management: Green Roof Tip Sheet

This Tip is designed to help applicants meet the requirements for green roofs associated with stormwater code compliance.

SPU annual report card

Providing value and accountability to you on the City's waste, water and drainage management.