What You Can Do

The everyday choices we make matter.

Whether at home or work, the right actions DO add up when it comes to things we buy, use and no longer need. When making purchases, it pays to look for quality and durability, so things last longer, or to buy things that are not new, such as clothing. When you're done using it, can it be recycled, reused by someone else, or in the case of food, composted? 

At Home

Tenant Recycling Education Materials
Flyers, posters, videos and more, in many languages so you can reach everyone in your buildings on how to properly recycle and compost.
Recycling information in one handy place - for your home or apartment.
Reduce and Reuse
Resources to help you reduce waste (eliminate junk mail, for example) and buy or donate used items.

At Work

Green Your Business
Resources, tips and incentives to help your business save money and save resources.

In Your Community

Event Recycling & Compostables
Information and resources on Washington's requirement's for recycling at events.