Resources about how the City manages and engages residents in learning about our natural resources.

Urban Forest Stewardship Plan

A long term vision for increasing tree canopy cover in Seattle.

Seattle Ecosystem values

Ecosystem services are the environmental benefits provided by urban trees. These benefits include trapping and slowing rain water, energy conservation, carbon sequestration, heat island reduction, and improvements to air and water quality.

Parks Vegetation Management Plans

VMPs guide the growth, development, and maintenance of parks and open spaces. Each VMP is designed to bring together the diverse interests at work (and at play) in a park or open space

Environmental Learning Centers

Discover your local environment through programs and events at one of these environmental learning centers.

Urban Forest Stewardship Plan Progress Reports

Annual progress reports tracking the City's goal to reach 30% canopy cover.

Seattle's Parks

Visit the Department of Parks and Recreation's site to use the handy park finder to over 400 parks and open areas.

Street Tree Planting and Care

Department of Transportation page helps you select an appropriate tree and location in your right of way and follow the necessary processes for permitting and maintenance.