Air Quality

The Puget Sound Clean Air Agency is the organization responsible for monitoring and protecting our air quality. Complaints or questions about air quality are directed to them. You can file a complaint online or call 800-552-3565, ext. 6. 

The Role of the City of Seattle in maintaining and improving air quality

When the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency declares a Smog Watch, the City activates its Smog Watch plan which include curtailing lawn mowing in public parks, refueling stations limiting their hours and employees are urged to reduce driving. Other efforts include posting anti-idling signs at bridges and parks. 

Seattle's Clean and Green Fleet
Seattle's fleet is one of the greenest and best managed in the nation. Recent awards include: 

The City has also replaced several conventional vehicles with all-electric vehicles. Visit the electric vehicle page for more information on that as well as the Office of Sustainability and Environment's efforts to increase EV adoption throughout Seattle and the Puget Sound.