Equity & Environment Initiative

On Earth Day in 2015
, the Office of Sustainability & Environment launched Seattle's Equity & Environment Initiative (EEI), a partnership of the City, the community, several City departments, and private foundations to deepen Seattle's commitment to race and social justice in environmental work by creating an Environmental Action Agenda centered on equity.

On Earth Day in 2016, we released the Seattle Equity & Environment Agenda, the cornerstone of the Equity & Environment Initiative. The Agenda is series of community-developed goals and strategies that address environmental inequities and create opportunities for communities of color, refugees, people with low incomes and limited-English proficiency individuals to be leaders in Seattle's environmental movement.

Equity Agenda Cover

Equity & Environment Agenda

The Equity & Environment Agenda is a blueprint to advance racial equity in Seattle's environmental work. The Agenda lays out four key goal areas and recommended strategies in each area.
  • Healthy environments for all
  • Jobs, local economies & youth pathways
  • Equity in city environmental programs
  • Environmental narrative & community leadership


Leadership Actions

Over the course of the last year, several key "themes" kept surfacing in our conversations with priority communities. In response, the Mayor announced a series of leadership actions as part of Seattle's on-going commitment to this work.


Mainstream Ally Commitments

OSE and the Community Partners Steering Committee hosted a series of workshops with leaders of historically white-led environmental organizations to help prioritize racial justice in their work. Organizations made a series of commitments as a result of these workshops.