Environmental Justice Committee

The Environmental Justice Committee is an opportunity for those most-affected by environmental inequities to have ownership of Equity & Environment Agenda implementation while enhancing partnerships with City departments and better connecting government to community-based solutions. Formed in 2017, the Environmental Justice Committee (EJC) strives to uplift those most-affected by environmental inequities. The EJC centers community ownership in decision-making, environmental program/policy design and Equity & Environment Agenda implementation while enhancing partnerships with City departments and better connecting community-based solutions into government.

The EJC consists of twelve members from a wide range of backgrounds and expertise in working with communities of color, immigrants and refugees, Native and Indigenous peoples, and low-income residents and English language learners. 

Committee members:

  • Advise City staff on integrating the goals of the Equity & Environment Agenda into environmental and climate focused policies and programs
  • Engage deeply with each other to increase environmental justice community cohesion and understanding of work and needs in different communities
  • Grow environmental justice leadership in Seattle by co-creating and participating in learning activities about 1) programs or policies from other regions that may have relevance to local efforts and 2) City-led environmental investments and programs 

Contact the Equity & Environment Initiative Staff at equityenviro@seattle.gov