What You Can Do

The everyday choices we make matter. When we open our pocketbooks or swipe our credit cards to purchase goods, we also purchase the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with what we are buying. The things we buy--from our food and our clothing to our computers and our cars--have emissions attached to them from raw materials, manufacturing, transport, retail sale, use, and disposal. 

At Home

Save money on utility costs, have a more comfortable home and decrease your impact on the environment - all by improving the energy efficiency of your house.
The first step toward improving the efficiency of your home is to improve your understanding of your home.
Appliances make up about 20 percent of your home’s electricity use. Seattle City Light’s appliance rebates can help you upgrade to more efficient models – saving you money and electricity for years to come.
Tips to reduce your water use and utility bills year-round.
Resources for green home remodeling.
Tips for taking a green approach to household cleaning.
Voluntary green power program for residents and businesses.
All the resources, including mobility apps, you need for getting around Seattle.
Reduce waste, conserve water and protect the environment while growing a beautiful yard.
Help Creeks and wildlife by following these landscaping, water quality and water conservation tips.
In big storms, excess “storm water” can cause sewer backups, or pollute and erode our streams. We can all help reduce runoff and pollution with simple RainWise practices.
Composting is easy and a great way to recycle yard waste and kitchen scraps into a fertile, sweet-smelling soil builder.
Keep water safe and clean by preventing pollution at its source.
Urban trees add value to our community in many ways: they beautiful our surroundings, clean the air, absorb stormwater and climate-disrupting gases and increase property values.

At Work

Providing financialy incentive and information to help you make your business energy efficienty
Information on commercial waste and water management
Tools and assistance to help businesses conserve resources and prevent pollution.
Resources to help you incorporate green building strategies into your commercial project.
Resources to help you green your business with the Office of Economic Development's Green Business portal

In Your Community

A unique public/private partnership between the City of Seattle and Forterra to promote a livable city by re-establishing and maintaining healthy forested parklands throughout Seattle. Numerous volunteers opportunities available.
Lots of opportunities to improve habitat for urban watersheds, meet new friends and have fun helping to restore our waters.
Being prepared for a disaster is a key strategy in climate resilience.