Below are links to resources developed by the City of Seattle as part of our work on climate change: 

Getting to Zero: A Pathway to Carbon Neutral Seattle identifies a suite of ambitious strategies that demonstrate one potential pathway to carbon neutrality.
Seattle was one of the first cities in the nation to develop a climate action plan.
The Office of Sustainability & Environment released a review of existing economics studies exploring the likely business impacts of creating climate friendly communities.
Road transportation accounts for 40% of Seattle's greenhouse gas emissions. Seattle's transportation plans identify improvements that also reduce emissions.
Making walking, biking, and riding transit the go-to travel choices in Seattle.
Using our streets to provide safe, affordable travel choices and that encourage people to get out and enjoy their neighborhood on foot or by bike. In doing so, we reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve the health of or residents and make it comfortable for people of all abilities to move around.
Use an Excel-based tool to calculate the carbon footprint of your business. Make a plan to reduce carbon and save resources.
Charting a path to carbon neutrality by 2050