Incentives & Rebates

A variety of financial incentives and assistance are available to help Seattle build green, save energy, and expand its use of renewable energy sources.  Whether you're looking to improve the performance of your home, your business, or your community, resources are available. 

Incentives & Rebates

At Home

Community Power Works
Community Power Works helps residents upgrade their homes to save energy and money, while growing our local energy efficiency construction economy.
Professional Home Energy Audits
Receive a deeply discounted home energy audit through City Light and Community Power Works. This stem-to-stern analysis evaluates current home insulation levels, windows and doors, heating and cooling equipment, ductwork, and more to develop an Energy Performance Score and a list of energy improvements.

At Work

Green Permitting
Put your project ahead of others while meeting the highest sustainability goals.

In Your Community

Community Climate Projects
Each year OSE solicits proposals from community groups and neighborhood based organizations to support projects that reduce climate impacts from energy use, transportation and purchasing/food choices.