Community Power Works

Community Power Works delivers energy efficiency solutions to Seattle's residential and business communities, while working to create economic growth. More than 253,500 hours of work have been performed on our energy upgrades by 11,266 workers, including 1058 contractors and energy auditors. With more projects in the pipeline and great rebates and incentives available, Community Power Works is proving it has never been easier or more affordable for Seattle to embrace energy efficiency.

Community Power Works is achieving success by developing and testing clean energy innovation through a series of robust public-private partnerships. Community Power Works is working with contractors, homeowners, and businesses to grow the clean energy economy.

Creative tools and techniques like these are used to implement energy efficiency projects:

  • On-Bill Financing: Offering affordable loans that borrowers can repay through Seattle City Light.
  • One-Stop Shopping: Coordinating the work of energy auditors, contractors, customer service agents, and participating utilities, making it easier than ever to be energy efficient.
  • Energy Performance Scores: Demonstrating how a home performs relative to benchmarks, much like a car's mileage rating or the popular Energy Star system.

Community Power Works has implemented energy efficiency programs in the residential, commercial, and institutional sectors:


  • We provide a "one-stop shop" for energy upgrades in single-family homes by offering low-cost energy assessments, rebates, financing, and pre-approved contractors.
  • Our partnership with HomeWise, the City of Seattle's low-income weatherization program, funds energy efficiency improvements in multifamily buildings.
  • By September 2013, Community Power Works sought to facilitate energy upgrades for 2,070 Seattle homes. With 3,040 residential upgrades complete or in progress, we have exceeded our goal by nearly 50%.
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  • We have provided funding for strategic energy management plans at four participating hospitals (Group Health, Harborview, Swedish, and Virginia Mason), three of which have already undertaken energy efficiency improvements.
  • Working with capital departments within the City of Seattle, we have identified energy efficiency upgrade projects in 17 facilities. The City completed a comprehensive Resource Conservation Management Plan in 2013, which will guide future energy efficiency strategies.


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Community Power Works has generated more than $54.5 million in energy upgrades citywide, with some sectors leveraging $18 for every $1 of public investment.

How is Community Power Works generating investments in energy efficiency?

  • Homeowners and small businesses receive rebates and access to low-interest financing for energy upgrade projects.
  • Large commercial property owners are achieving 25% in energy savings without upfront capital and without increasing monthly costs.
  • Community Power Works is supporting the growth of the energy efficiency industry in our region by providing a steady stream of customers to contractors and home energy auditors in Seattle.

  • More than 253,500 hours of work have been performed on Community Power Works projects by 1,266 workers, including 1,058 contractors and energy auditors.
  • 92% of participating contractors are from the Puget Sound region, which keeps most of the dollars spent in the local economy.

  • Community Power Works has worked with the labor community to develop new ways to create a robust, skilled labor force in an emerging field.

Community Power Works is making dramatic energy efficiency improvements and creating lasting environmental and economic benefits for building owners and the broader community.

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Community Impact

Community Power Works energy upgrades completed and in progress include:

  • 2,157 single-family homes
  • 883 low-income multifamily housing units
  • 1.5 million square feet of commercial property
  • 46 small businesses
  • Three major hospitals - Harborview, Virginia Mason, and Swedish
  • 17 City of Seattle buildings

Environmental Impact

Homeowners are seeing average energy savings of 30%, with nearly 250 homes saving over 50%, and some saving up to 80%. All Community Power Works upgrades completed to date and currently in progress will save:

  • 280,700 MMBtu - the amount it takes to power 2,807 homes for a year, and
  • 169,700 tons of greenhouse gas emissions - equivalent to removing 30,163 cars for one year.

Economic Impact

Community Power Works has benefitted the local economy by:

  • Creating more than 253,500 hours of work performed by 1,266 people, including 1,058 contractors and energy auditors.
  • Partnering with local contractors - 92% are Puget Sound-based businesses.
  • Bolstering small businesses - all home contractors are businesses with fewer than 50 employees. Over one-third are women, minority, veteran, or employee-owned.

Is Community Power Works done?

While 100% of our grant funding has been spent or committed to projects, Community Power Works will continue to test new models, provide innovative financing opportunities, and boost demand for energy efficiency upgrades. We are currently identifying different funding streams to transition the program from its pilot phase to a long-term, sustainable business model.

As of January 31, 2014:
SPENT TO DATE: $18,577,961