The Citizens' Telecommunications and Technology Advisory Board

CTTAB members
Citizens' Telecommunications and Technology Advisory Board with community members


City of Seattle Citizens Telecommunications and Technology Advisory Board (CTTAB) 2/10/2014 Minutes Topics covered included: Hack the Commute event, Cable code revisions, City Privacy Initiative and draft principles, report by Chief Technology Officer Michael Mattmiller, Digital Equity Initiative, Technology Matching Fund, Seattle Channel outreach campaign, and position statement on low income Internet accessibility and committee […]
Join the Cable and Broadband Committee! The goal of the Cable and Broadband Committee is to analyze and advise the City on the impacts of broadband connectivity to the City of Seattle, including cable service. We study issues related to digital inclusion, openness, and access. We have an exciting 2015 workplan, which will be posted […]
The E-Gov committee is excited about our 2015 Workplan: Identify digital tools to encourage citizen engagement; Recommend solutions to improve intra-department efficiencies for improved civic engagement; Promote collaborative partnerships across the tech and education sector for citizen and youth engagement. Come join our committee meeting every 4th Tuesday @ 6:00 pm. Location: 320 Westlake, Seattle. […]