The findings announced today by the Office of Police Accountability (OPA) demonstrate what the community already knows. There are systemic problems with the manner in which protests are policed in Seattle. After months of abuse, the community no [...]
We are outraged both by the potential participation of Seattle Police Department officers in this violent riot and by the comments made by officer Mike Solan. These actions only serve to further diminish the trust the community has in its police [...]
The Community Police Commission (CPC) sent the following letter to the Seattle Police Department (SPD) today regarding the department’s proposed changes to its use of force and crowd control policies. In it the CPC requests SPD commit to [...]
As the City of Seattle proceeds with contract negotiations with the City’s police unions, the Community Police Commission (CPC) would like to make its expectations clear: The City should negotiate the full implementation of the 2017 Accountability [...]
In the course of this election the Community Police Commission (CPC) urges the Seattle Police Department (SPD) leadership to ensure that their officers respect people’s First Amendment rights while protesting and employ only tactics that are vetted [...]