The CPC has filed a brief asking the federal judge who oversees the Consent Decree to deny the plan the City proposed to the Court on Thursday. While the CPC is still committed to working with the Mayor’s Office and other stakeholders to help the [...]
The CPC has presented its 2018 Annual Report to the Seattle City Council and is proud to publicly release it to you. It goes into detail about many of the things we accomplished last year and details the work still going on to bring Seattle into [...]
The Community Police Commission voted this morning to explore ways to increase Seattle police officer wellness. Now, the Seattle Police Department, Office of Police Accountability, and the Office of the Inspector General have all already told the CPC [...]
The following statement is attributable to the CPC co-chairs, Rev. Harriett Walden, Isaac Ruiz, and Emma Catague. The CPC has not take an official position, as the full commission will not meet until Wednesday. “The CPC co-chairs applaud [...]
The following statement is attributable to the CPC Co-chairs Isaac Ruiz, Rev. Harriett Walden, and Emma Catague: “The Court ordered the City and Department of Justice to work with the Community Police Commission (CPC) and the Monitoring Team to [...]