When can Seattle police officers lie? It’s a question getting more attention right now, largely as a result of a recent high-profile case of police misconduct involving a ruse. A ruse is “an action intended to deceive someone.” [...]
It’s been nearly three years since Seattle City Council unanimously passed the historic 2017 Police Accountability Law. However, the City still has not taken the necessary steps to create a program mandated by the law to diversify the police [...]
This statement is in reference to a Seattle police officer’s use of a ruse during an investigation that violated policy. The Office of Police Accountability found the lies the officer told “ultimately contributed to the subject’s subsequent suicide.” [...]
As happens every year, the Community Police Commission is saying goodbye to some commissioners whose term on the commission are up or who will be continuing to serve the community in other ways. This year, that includes four commissioners. Claudia [...]
Introduction Below are some of the most common questions we hear about the Seattle Police Officers’ Guild (SPOG) contract. We provide answers to these questions to inform you about the contract and its effect on police accountability in Seattle. On [...]