NALGA logo imageThe Knighton Award is given by the Association of Local Government Auditors. It recognizes the best performance audit reports of the preceding year. Awards are presented according to the size of the audit shop. The Seattle Office of City Auditor is considered a "medium shop," and has been a recipient of this peer-reviewed honor for the audits listed below.

2020 "Exemplary" Award

Award Letter
Seattle Department of Transportation: Strategic Approach to Vehicle Bridge Maintenance is Warranted

2017 "Distinguished" Award

Award Letter
Audit of Seattle's Incentive Zoning for Affordable Housing

2015 "Distinguished" Award

Award Letter
Audit of the Seattle Police Department's Public Disclosure Process

2014 "Exemplary" Award

Award Letter
Seattle's Paid Sick and Safe Time Ordinance Enforcement Audit

2010 "Bronze" Award

Anti-Graffiti Efforts: Best Practices and Recommendations

2007 "Silver" Award

Seattle Indigent Public Defense Services