Online Business Directory

Interested in doing business for the City of Seattle? Add your business to the City's Online Business Directory (OBD). The City or contractors seeking partners/teams use this directory when seeking companies for work. Also, the City uses this list to distribute news about City business.

The City's OBD and the Consultant Roster have been redesigned and incorporated into a single system. To log into the new system, enter your legal business name and the last four digits of the business' federal tax ID. Consultants do not need to re-register, but should frequently update their resume and information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to register with the City?

It is a simple process where you provide us basic information about your company. If you are a consultant, you can also upload your resume or marketing brochure. When City departments are looking for companies to supply goods or services, they may use this directory to develop bid and contact lists.

What kind of information do I need to supply?

Your business name, business address, contact information and details about your business. You will be asked whether your business is women or minority owned, and if you are also state certified.

I've already registered with the what?

Registering your business does not pre-approve or authorize you to do business with the City. Departments may contact registered businesses when they are looking to purchase goods and services. You can also look for upcoming opportunities to bid on proposals at The Buy Line and The Consultant Connection. Construction opportunities can be found at eBid.

Can I mail-in or submit my registration in person?

No. If you have trouble or need help, call our office at 206-684-0444.