Priority Hire

On Jan. 29, 2015, Mayor Murray signed a new priority hire ordinance passed by Seattle City Council. City construction projects of $5 million or more will be required to have a percentage of project hours performed by workers living in economically distressed areas. In addition, City projects will have apprentice utilization requirements and women and people of color aspirational goals.


  • Write and finalize Director's Rules - began March 2015
  • Continue convening Priority Hire Advisory Committee - monthly meetings
  • Administer Community Workforce Agreement (CWA) on new construction projects - began June 2015

City projects will be covered by the priority hire ordinance once the CWA and Director's Rules are complete and added into construction contracts.

Priority Hire Advisory Committee
In early March 2015, Mayor Murray appointed stakeholders to the Priority Hire Advisory Committee, which will advise the City on priority hire implementation and effectiveness. The committee will convene in late April to discuss recommendations.

Community Workforce Agreement
The City will partner with labor unions through a community workforce agreement (CWA), giving contractors working on City projects access to a local, qualified workforce. This access will help contractors meet their workforce diversity requirements and goals. One CWA will be negotiated for all covered City projects.

Director's Rules
Director's Rules will be drafted with input from the Priority Hire Advisory Committee. The public will have an opportunity to comment on the rules.

Construction Contracts
Construction contracts will be updated once the CWA is final.


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