Construction Training and Employment

The City contracts with community organizations and construction pre-apprenticeship training programs to recruit, place and train women, people of color and those living in economically distressed areas.

Interested in construction training? Go to to learn about upcoming opportunities. For more information on where to begin, contact the City Job and Training Advisor at 206-512-9737 or


Experienced Workers
Workers with more than five years of construction experience and industry certifications in a specific craft may request entry directly into a union. Schedule a meeting with a business agent at the appropriate union hall. Bring construction work paystubs, industry certifications, letters of recommendation and military experience documentation. Processes for entry vary, and may result in entry as a first-year apprentice, an advanced apprentice or journey-level worker. Call the Apprenticeship Training Coordinator, union local business manager or the City Job and Training Advisor at 206-512-9737.