Elliott Bay Seawall Project - WMBE Inclusion Information

Mortenson/Manson JV (M/M) is the General Contractor/Construction Manager (GC/CM) for the Elliott Bay Seawall Project. The Seattle Department of Transportation is replacing the failing seawall, built between 1916 and 1934, along downtown Seattle to provide the necessary foundation and structural support for a new waterfront. The deteriorating Seawall was not designed for earthquakes and poses the threat of structural failure during a moderate to large earthquake.

The City of Seattle's Elliott Bay Seawall runs underneath Alaskan Way along Elliott Bay in downtown Seattle from South Washington Street to Broad Street. M/M will be responsible for construction of the central portion of the seawall from South Washington Street to the northern edge of Pier 63 (roughly Virginia Street). The successful completion of this project will form the foundation upon which the upland improvements in the City's Waterfront Program will rest. For more information about the project visit the Waterfront Seattle website.

Firms that are interested in this project are encouraged to attend pre-bid meetings for each bid package. For more information regarding upcoming pre-bid meetings:

Project Status

M/M is currently completing Season 1 in zone 4 and working on demolition and Jet Grouting in zones 9 and 10. M/M has completed bidding for the following packages: 101 Ground Improvements, 101A Drilled Shafts, 102A CIP & Precast, and 102B Walkways, 103A Earthwork and Utilities, 103B Roadway Electric, 104 Demolition & Mass Excavation, 105 Marine Construction.

Potential Subcontracting Opportunities

Please contact Eleonor Oshitoye at eleonor.oshitoye@mortenson.com or 425-497-7056.

City WMBE Outreach Contact Information

Miguel Beltran, City Contract Compliance Manager
E-mail: miguel.beltran@seattle.gov
Phone: 206-684-4525

M/M WMBE Outreach Contact Information

Eleonor Oshitoye - Mortenson/Manson JV, WMBE Expert
Email: eleonor.oshitoye@mortenson.com
Phone: 425-497-7056