Business in Seattle

Seattle is a flourishing metropolis -- driven by a diverse and resilient economy, strong entrepreneurial spirit and historically vital business sectors. Use the choices below to see what makes Seattle thrive and to find City resources to help your business grow.

Grow Seattle As a starting point, visit, a portal to business services at the City of Seattle to START | GROW | and GREEN your business.

This tool allows you to search for a blanket contract. For more detailed contract information or to request a complete official hard-copy, please contact City Purchasing and Contracting Services at (206) 684-0444.
Portal to information about planning and development building permits with the city of Seattle.
Portal to information about businesses licenses and taxes with the city of Seattle and other governmental agencies in the region.
City Purchasing and Contracting Services manages bids and contracts for all City products, supplies, equipment and services that have accumulated value above $47,000 a year.
Portal to information about city of Seattle surplus.
This tool allows you to search and view a consultant contract.
City consultant contracting is decentralized, with each City department managing its own consultant contracts. City Purchasing and Contracting Services provides policies, processes and guidance.
City Purchasing and Contracting Services staff is here to answer your questions about everything from marketing a product or service to the City or getting a City contract. Staff will try to assist with advocacy on various business issues or contracting disputes.
Portal to information about doing business with the city of Seattle.
The City promotes access for women, people of color and others with social and economic disadvantages, particularly those residing in Seattle, in their pursuit of employment in the construction industry. Leveraging City-funded construction contracts, the Labor Equity Program focuses on the entire career development process — from training to living-wage construction careers — to increase job access for underrepresented workers.
The Business Directory provides information about your firm. City departments may use the directory to locate companies for upcoming bid opportunities. Search the list of businesses, add your firm or edit your firm's information.
Portal to information about Seattle economy and trade.
The City's commitment to communities we serve is to include Women- and Minority-owned Businesses (WMBEs) in our contracts. Each City department establishes plans and goals for WMBE inclusion in projects.