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Achieving Honesty, Efficient Management and Full Accountability Throughout City Government Susan Cohen, City Auditor

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How the Office of City Auditor Communicates the Results of Its Work

The type of product resulting from a particular project depends on the project's objectives and the needs of the Mayor, City Council and/or the City's executive managers. We communicate the results of our work in a variety of ways.

  • Testimony. We testify at City Council meetings on the content and results of our reviews and projects.

  • Briefings. At the request of City Councilmembers, the Mayor, or the City's senior executives, we provide individual briefings on the results of our work.

  • Written Reports. At the completion of each review, we issue written reports. The format of our written products varies according to the content and complexity of the information we need to convey. Our written reports may be brief memorandums, or they may be lengthy, detailed reports. Regardless of the format and length of any given report, the report will cover the objectives of the work we performed, the scope and methodology of the audit or review, and the results of our work. When appropriate, our reports will include recommendations.

  • Newsletters. Periodically, we issue the Office of City Auditor's newsletter, Performance Perspective. The newsletter's purpose is to highlight general management principals and to disclose successful, useful or problematic program management issues.

  • Consulting and Training. Our office is staffed with individuals well versed in management controls, accounting standards, performance reviews, and principles of public administration. We are available to advise and assist departments as they set up new systems or review and assess existing systems. We participate on task forces and committees. We also periodically offer training on selected topics and encourage each department to participate in our management control classes.