Designated Car Share Parking Space Conditions of Use

The following applies to all vendors requesting designated on-street car sharing spaces. The following is intended to recognize the high demands and limited supply for on-street parking in these areas, while still allowing some designated on-street car sharing in a manner that would be consistently applied and sustainable with multiple vendors.

Limits in paid areas (see map here for reference):

  • Zero new on-street spaces in the three Commercial Core paid areas; a vendor may retain spaces they currently have, but no additional on-street permits will be issued.
  • In all other paid areas, allow on-street spaces for each car share operator as follows:

Total number of spaces in specific paid area

Max number of dedicated car share spaces allowed per operator (grandfather any existing to count towards total allowed)

Paid Areas



12th Avenue, Ballard Locks, Cherry Hill, Fremont, Roosevelt



Ballard Core/Edge, Capitol Hill North/South, CID Core/Edge, Denny Triangle North/South, Green Lake, Pioneer Square Core/Edge, U District Edge, Uptown Core/Edge, Uptown Triangle



Belltown South, Pike-Pine, U District Core, Westlake



South Lake Union, Belltown North, First Hill

  • In unpaid areas: no pre-determined limits. SDOT will review on a case-by-case basis, but SDOT generally believes supply can meet demand.
  • Encourage service to entire city, and show at least a minimum amount of service in all Council Districts.
  • Encourage placement near mobility hubs, popular destinations, and high-density residential areas.
  • Encourage placement in longer time limited spaces (for example, in 10-hour spaces in South Lake Union versus the 2-hour spaces in that area).

Under the Seattle Municipal Code, the fee schedule for designated on-street car sharing spaces is currently $3,000 per space per year in paid parking areas, and $300 per space per year in non-paid parking areas.

The following sign shall be used to designate on-street car sharing spaces with the specific permitted vendor identified at the top of the sign:

Sign that says: Car Share Vehicles Only

Indemnification: The permit holder agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the City of Seattle, its officials, officers, employees, and agents against: (1) any liability, claims, causes of action, judgments, or expenses, including reasonable attorney fees, resulting directly or indirectly from any act or omission of any permit holder, anyone directly or indirectly employed by them, and anyone for whose acts or omissions they may be liable, arising out of the permit holder's use of the public right-of-way; and (2) all loss by the failure of the permit holder to fully or adequately perform, in any respect, all authorizations or obligations under the Permit.


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