All Special Events should have an emergency plan that includes information for 911 call:

  • Access point(s) and addresses 
  • Description of emergency   

Some Events require Medical Support. Determination of need for medical support is based on risk management and available resources: 

  1. Event sponsor requirements 
  2. Size of event  i.e. > 5,000 at any time 
  3. Event profile - Alcohol/drug use, Athletic activities, past history and similar events, etc. 
  4. Location and access   

Medical Support may include any or all of the elements below: 

  1. Volunteer 1st Aid 
  2. Private EMT/Ambulance Companies (AMR, Tri-med) 
  3. Seattle Fire Department EMTs or Paramedics   

Medical Resources may be fixed or mobile: 

  1. Aid Station 
  2. Roving responders 
  3. Bicycle 
  4. Golf Cart/Gators 
  5. Ambulances   

After you have reviewed the information above call Seattle Fire Department Medic One @ 206 386-1483.  


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